Why men change?

Why men change?

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Men change women. The question is in why? What pushes them on this step? Why good fathers of families, having the house, children and the loving family all the same go for deception? The matters interest women of all age though once faced this problem. Scientists explain such male behavior - desire of change of requirements, human life is based on their satisfaction. But the young man can just confuse desire of social wellbeing with love dissatisfaction. And to raise the self-assessment rushes with the head to adventures.

The meaning of life is not lost - to prove!

Not always men's deception is proved by physiological requirement, some reasons speak not so simply. To answer a question: "Why men change women?" it is necessary to go deep into psychology a little more. Several reasons are allocated.

  1. "One and only"

In education of this child mother played a huge role, satisfying all requirements and inspiring that he is a gift for any woman. He is selfish and got used that everything is brought "on a dish". Its unfaithfulness has "search" character. Such man needs the girl idolizing him. But what girl will want to worship the terrestrial man with a set of shortcomings therefore, rushes from one extreme to the other.

  1. The opponent governed

The fear of women's influence forces this man to change. The complex pursues inferiority to its popyata if the woman made great progress, for example, in career. The question becomes ripe - why to men to change such women? But desire in self-affirmation and the proof to itself that "there is still a gunpowder" plays an important role in psychological state. For self-affirmation they look for weaker women to subdue them the courage.

  1. Complexes

Kind of strange did not sound, but the Oedipus complex can be the cause for treason is the conflict between instinctive desire of the child to possess one of parents and impossibility of his implementation. That is, in the childhood it won attention of mother from the father whom considered the rival. The point is that such man, even possessing full-fledged family, can deceive. - why the man who has everything to change to a question to the girl? - there is a simple answer. Under the influence of this complex, the stronger sex is eager for fight and gains. Having subdued one woman, having lived with her, perhaps, and not one decade and having sated her with society, begins to look for the following not lonely woman. It looks for the rival.

  1. Any more not "mamochkin sonny"

Weak, still young, or not self-assured guys, try to find to themselves the woman who would care for them, cherished. These are adult children who constantly are eager for attention. But why such men begin to change? – Mature. There is a blocking of sexual inclination to the woman - "mummy". And they look for satisfactions of the instinct in other women. But the paradox is that they practically never leave family.

  1. Crisis

This moment comes at men after 35. When own reflection, the companion, children, etc. begins to irritate it. That's when there comes thirst of changes. Along with it there comes also the next crisis of the family relations. Staring at young girls, such men are eager to prove to themselves and all rest that else something is cost. And this period needs just to be endured.

Wife? No, did not hear!

"Why the man fools around?" This question should be studied more deeply from family, having broken on several. And to establish the reasons. In the majority cases is a mistake of women.

  1. "Why the man will change the favourite half?" the answer is simple - her excessive cantankerousness. It seems to the majority that "to saw" the husbands every day is a usual need of the wife, but, without thinking of consequences at all. Men with strong character through time are let in search of mistresses, and less strong can just become an inveterate drunkard. And whether there is desire "to exhaust" such consequences?
  2. "Why married men change when everything is good?" - he is an idler. And sense not only performed by household chores, or work. It is told about state of mind. The family is a work on the relations of both parties. And when the man – the egoist, the woman gradually is tired and ceases to pay him attention therefore it leaves.
  3. "Why the married man fools around in many years of joint life?" The answer is so banal that causes chagrin - it is inability to satisfy it in a bed. Life eats the relations, and with it and good sex becomes a habit. Wine of women is that they do not want to study anything, and the man will never tell that it does not accept something. On it, it is necessary to show imagination.

It is necessary to remember that the man likes to feel the main thing. Exactly idolizing him and letting know that he is necessary and loved it is possible to keep trust in the relations and nakornyu to break desire to go ""on the left"". The nature did not deprive men of strength of mind so to women if they want to keep marriage or the relations, it is necessary to learn to give to feel to them it.


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