Why men come back to former

Why men come back to former

The saying is known to everyone: "Twice to one river do not go". However life introduces the amendments in national statements: sometimes it happens so that after break in relations - sometimes extremely painful - the man comes back to the ex-girlfriend again (or in family). What led it to this decision? The reasons can be a little.

Most of men, system of the relation with the woman, act in the empirical way – a trial and error method. If the woman is inexperienced too, and has no ability yet "to smooth acute angles", such union is insuperable moves by the end of the existence. When the quantity of mistakes reaches critical level, couple leaves. But, having lived in loneliness, and having analyzed not developed relations, the man comes to a conclusion that not everything is so bad. The love for the woman remained and if he makes enough efforts, then the relations can be restored.

Psychologists consider that return for this reason makes sense only in that case that other partner, for tense which passed from the moment of a gap, rethought the behavior too, is ready to recognize and from now on not to make last mistakes. Otherwise dynamics of the relations will remain the same, and, after all, couple will leave.

Crises happen in everything, even the happiest and strong families. The question consists in the one who as treats them and as behaves at their emergence. Present a situation: in life of the man there were at once several events which literally unsettled him (for example, difficulties in work and the relations with the administration, problems with relatives, road accident, etc.). The man cannot cope in one stage with a stream of the pulled hard problems, considers responsible for all troubles the wife and leaves the house, having decided to put the relations on a pause. Later time, gains one, the man understands that he arrived precipitately, having left favourite family, and comes back. According to psychologists, it is the most "harmless" option of an abandoning the family. The man leaves family because wants to be alone and consider the relations with the woman. Such desire is natural to the person.

Any man is not ready to refuse good sex. If it completely accepted the sexual relations with the woman, then it is a serious incentive to return of the man. The intimate component, certainly, is very important for the strong relations. But if spouses are united only by sex, and moral and emotional aspects of marriage are absent, then such union will not be long.

Leaving family to the mistress, the man often thinks, right now for him happy life will begin, and former was no more than setup of tools. But in practice leaves not absolutely so. It turns out that the former wife was almost ideal in many respects, and the mistress is good only for rare meetings, but not for cohabitation in any way. As a result the man understands that with the wife it will be better for him. Return of "the lascivious husband" does not solve those problems, the result of which the gap was. And the wife happens extremely difficult to forgive the come-back husband. Never it will not be possible to reanimate the relations completely any more.

Sometimes the man who met new love comes back to family because of the sudden disease of the ex-wife or serious problems which arose with children. It is very good when in the person the call of duty is developed, but it has no relation to love, and cannot be the base for the family relations.

Sometimes, that the man who started a new family begins to miss the ex-wife, as the closest and native to him to the person. And in new marriage all it seems others and unfamiliar. Therefore the man comes back. Psychologists consider that such "hellbenders" can last all life. The man can leave that, again return. Also the life option "on two families" is not excluded.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team