Why men leave: personal experience

Why men leave: personal experience

Acquaintance. Appointment. The first kiss. Meetings. Relations. "I love" the first. The first quarrel. The first tears. Parting. Statistically, the outcome of the majority of the romantic relations at youthful age is tragic. Become initiators of a rupture of love bonds both guys, and girls, here it is only considered to be that women leave forever, and men come back sooner or later.

If the girl decided to stop the relations with the beloved, the reason for that men's treason, carelessness, misunderstanding, reproaches or new love can serve. Before leaving the soulmate, the lady long considers the decision, weighs all pros and cons. Owing to the emotional nature, girlfriends are afraid to be dumped in a whirlpool with the head and to lose everything that have. In turn, men arrive differently.

Any his whim can become the reason of leaving of the man. People often speak about female logic, forgetting that at men in certain cases it in general is absent. "It does not understand me", - the young man thinks and rushes on search of that with whom he will be able to share the problems. "She does not appreciate me", - he solves and begins to look for that which will begin to admire it. "She does not care for me"; "it is silly"; "she bothered me", - and again hunting for the next victim opens.

To me there was tragic, but rather interesting story recently. As it also happens most often, on the Internet I got acquainted with the attractive young man. Communication was started somehow very quickly. At first it were correspondences, then calls, a talk till midnight. He asked about a meeting, and I was in other city at this time. In two weeks of communication on cellular communication I so became attached to this man that could not wait for our acquaintance live. And here, date of an appointment is appointed, but I come back to the city before agreed term. Having learned about it, he insists to meet in the same day. Uncertainly walking to him towards, I could not wait when, at last, I see it. To me was all the same as it looks whether it is beautiful, it is low or high what color of his eyes. I too sharply felt relationship of our souls and was sure that it is my person. "Now we will meet. I will embrace you very strong and I will never release any more. You are the one who is necessary to me", - constantly turned in my head.

And here, long-awaited acquaintance took place. In the first day I remained with it, for the second day brought to it the things, on the third – bought necessary "female features", and for the fourth day we left, and the reason of the termination of the relations was not explained to me. Just he so solved, and to me it was necessary only to make its decision courageously (as far as there were enough forces).

There is a lot of tears. The first week I tried to work, without noticing anything around, and coming home wrote verses, called friends, the family, sobbed in a pillow. The second week was heavier. During a night shift I had a nervous breakdown, and further – "ambulance" and two weeks of the sick-list.

Over time I learned to live without it, but absolutely ceased to smile, almost ate nothing, and at the nights still periodically sat on a window sill, bitterly cried and constantly repeated the same question in darkness: "What was not so? Why you left?"

In four months we after all met. Absolutely accidentally, in public transport. He was silent, and I sobbed. Next day he called me to himself to talk and, at last, to speak.

The reason of its leaving absolutely unsettled me. "You are too lovely and kind. I am a terrible person. You did not deserve it". And what it is possible to tell about men's logic after such turn of events?

Women cannot know what occurs in the head of their beloved. The reasons of leaving of men can be stunning. One is known for certain, most often guys come back to those with whom to them it was good and comfortable, to those who loved them who believed in them. They spend some time in search of something the best, but, having realized the mistake, decide to return the past. If the man left and did not return, so you did not give him enough heat and love, and it is worth blaming himself.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team