Why men lie

Why men lie

Sometimes the lie harmless at first sight can seriously spoil the relations. The man more than once caught that at all not work forces to be delayed him late risks to lose trust of the ladylove forever. What compels the stronger sex of a message a double life?


1. He does not want to upset you. Sometimes to the man really is what to hide. For example, he gives money to the ex-wife not because cannot stop loving her in any way, and because of deep feeling of fault before it. And he did not think up yet how to explain you it.

2. The man does not consider that he has to with you in everything be honest. For example, in youth he kept the donzhuansky list of the victories, and before a wedding assured you that the one-woman man at heart. It does not mean that you are threatened by treason. It finished adventures, and the mysteries of the past as he considers, have no relation to your happy present.

3. He cannot choose between you and another woman. You are dear to it, but Olechka from the neighboring house such darling that he is resolutely not capable to refuse late visits to her. And today bought a ringlet. Of course, for you. The only way to break off a web of lies is to raise before the man a question an edge: you or it.

4. To it bothered to listen to your reproaches. For example, he lay that at work did not give an award, and actually spent it for the next visit with friends of bar. If between you there is no mutual understanding, it is simpler to man to get off by means of a lie an unpleasant conversation, than to tell the truth and to justify the behavior.

5. The man is afraid to look insolvent in your eyes. Therefore he can lie about the income, tell about imaginary labor progress and also about bright prospects which are promised by life with it. Show it what you accept his any, then you should not listen to tales constantly.

6. And, at last, pleasant reason of male slyness: he prepares for you a pleasant surprise. Convinced what only seemed to you as if his jacket smells of a perfume for women? Of course, lied! The jacket and the truth smelled sweet as them. The man a solid hour chose aroma for you, and in the evenings with friends thought out the plan of a grandiose party in your honor.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team