Why men like long hair at girls

Why men like long hair at girls

Women with long healthy hair remain a standard of beauty, femininity, sexuality throughout centuries. They attract views of men as a magnet.

Times go, the fashion changes. If earlier a thick long hair was a symbol of female beauty, then now the great number of girls prefers short stylish hairstyles which it is easier to look after. But time not imperiously over men, they still remain not indifferent to female hair.

Why men like long hair?

Many men fade with delight when see let voluminous hair down which develop on wind. The fact is that subconsciously it is perceived by men as a signal that the girl is ready to get acquainted, she is open for communication. And here the hair collected in a horse tail or a strict ideal bunch frighten a little men because such hairstyle for them symbolizes desire of the woman to promote.

The great number of successful women prefers short hairstyles, but very often they are lonely and suffer because of lack of caress and love.

Women with long, well well-groomed hair, always are in an environment of admirers.

Ladies with long beautiful curls look is womanly, is romantic and absolutely defenseless, causing desire to protect, preserve and carry on hands in the man. At the stronger sex the presence of a long thick hair at the woman is associated with good health, readiness for family, children.

Perhaps, the man also does not think of marriage, but at the genetic level he chooses to himself the partner having all components for reproduction.

From history

Primitive society of the woman possessed long hair with which warmed children and hid from third-party eyes. At that time men liked to look after women, dragging them for hair in a cave. In Ancient Russia practically all girls till a marriage possessed a shock of a long fair hair which braided to the spit. After a marriage, they covered the head and had any more no right to be shown in public without kerchief. Choosing the bride, very often the groom gave preference to the girl at whom hair are longer and thicker. If to remember Ancient Greek mythology, then with a short hairstyle there was only one goddess – Athena, the goddess of war and justice. And its contrast — Aphrodite, the woman of easy virtue, had fine hair. The artist Botticelli in one of the well-known pictures - "Aphrodite's Birth" - represented it with fluttering on wind with long wavy locks. Tenderness and love on one scale, and on another — justice and eagerness to fight. It is simple to guess what will be chosen by the man.

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