Why men masturbate, having the constant partner

Why men masturbate, having the constant partner

Why men are engaged in self-satisfaction, even having the constant partner – the question exciting minds practically all women. Some girls, having learned about it, try to roll up hysterics and scenes of jealousy, but, as a rule, scandals do not bring notable results. So, why the man masturbates, even having the constant partner?

Study own body

Most of men at early or teenage age begin to be engaged in masturbation, thus they study the body and learn to derive pleasure. In a case with the young young man, onanism is only a temporary way to remove stress when the partner appears, most of guys are ready for love feats.

But how the situation with men is is more senior?

Laziness mother

If the man by the nature is inactive and prefers to spend all the free time at the TV or the computer, refusing walks and active holiday, then he is simply an idler. For this reason for it laziness to look after the partner, to excite and satisfy therefore onanism for it the ideal decision for removal of sexual excitement.


During emotional splash most of men feel sexual excitement of which try to get rid quicker. Masturbation - the only way to quickly recover and reduce tension. In a stressful situation the man is not ready to look after the woman, to think of her pleasure therefore 5 minutes in the secluded place in this case are more preferable.

Does not consider the partner attractive

The last several months or the man in every way try to avoid years the sexual relations, ceased to pay compliments, do not answer kisses and embraces. The cause is there can be grown hateful relations, excess weight or negligence of the partner which are not passing headaches at the lady and other malfunctions with health and also any problems in marriage or the relations. In that case, if the man values the family or the constant relations, then will not go to bring the woman on the party, and will be slowly samoudovletvoryatsya.


If the man ceases to pay attention to the constant partner, he spends all the free time with phone or the laptop, then appearance of other woman can become the reason. He tries to remove the arising sexual stress at the masturbation help, but does not go to a bed with the spouse.

Old habits

Prior to a meeting with only and favourite the man was an inveterate bachelor, and now at appearance of the constant partner, the habit to masturbate no yes appears, at all not because he does not derive pleasure fully but because he so got used.

If the man masturbates just before proximity, he just is afraid to finish the lady forward therefore shows excess precaution.

As showed data of opinion polls, more than 80% of men masturbate, the others just do not admit the rukobludstvo fact therefore to swear or try to re-educate the man, in principle is useless, here the main thing to reconcile or look for more compliant partner. Erotic massage, a sexy underwear and an intimate situation help to drag darling in a bed too.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team