Why mothers love sons more daughters

Why mothers love sons more daughters

In some families a certain division of parental love is especially obviously visible. So, boys reach for mothers, and girls are considered as "father's" daughters. The similar phenomenon has quite concrete psychological explanations which are based on a certain competition between the daughter and mother and also on the hopes laid by mothers on the sons.

Women's competition

Whatever safe was the family, in it obviously or there will be a certain competition among women for attention of a male part. Need of the daughter for care of the father is especially distinctly looked through, and the girl's mother by all means applies for this care also. In the conditions of modern life when parents work late hours, and the head of family can be loaded seven days at all a week, it becomes difficult to give all identical quantity of love. Therefore cases in which the wife is jealous the husband of own daughter, and it are frequent, in turn, brings an unpleasant imbalance in their relationship.

Here it is possible to refer also the all-social competition. For example, in the company of men of the woman often seek to draw the greatest attention to themselves and try to keep popularity. It allows them to feel necessary, desired and demanded. At the same time mother can have an opinion that against the background of the young daughter she will seem less interesting and beautiful. So, the daughter potentially deprives of her others attention and encroaches on demand.

Similar situations practically do not arise in the relations with sons. The woman does not feel in the rival's boy, on the contrary, rather he gives her additional "men's" support. The son for mother not the competitor, and a source of love and opportunities.

Only man

In a situation if the woman remained one with the child, the son can become peculiar "replacement" of the nonexistent husband. And here often there is a psychological substitution when all unrealized love goes towards the boy. At the same time the woman does not cease to feel the need for the partner in life, but stops looking for him, beginning to concentrate only on the son. To the daughter such feelings are impossible as only in this case the husband is replaced with the son, and the love for the boy is transformed and amplifies. Increase affection for the son of hope for the help in the future. Thinking of an old age or just difficult vital moments, it is much simpler to present as a support of the successful son, than the daughter. It is considered that it is easier for man to provide to the mother financial support therefore and it is more logical to count on him.

Old traditions

Many centuries in a row tenor of life was such is that sons almost always remained to live in the parental house, and daughters were without fail married. Having legalized the relations, the young woman moved to the spouse and became a part of his family, having forever left the native dwelling. And it was led that sons were perceived as something constant and invariable, and here girls became rather a burden as to parents they served as the help only till a marriage. To all other for them it was necessary to prepare and give a dowry that led to not always feasible material inputs. However what regularities would not exist, mothers love the children irrespective of a floor, and each concrete life story has the features.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team