Why people lie in questions of the family budget

Why people lie in questions of the family budget

Why people lie each other concerning finance and whether it is correct? How it is possible to correct a situation and what it can lead to?

Concerning money in family there are almost always many disputes as at everyone the vision of expenditure and priorities of their use. It is one of the reasons of why it is necessary to talk about it at the very beginning of the relations.

Why people lie in questions of the finance

From the first days of the relations it is necessary to discuss all interesting questions concerning finance. It will exclude further misunderstanding. For a start the woman has to understand that the man will hardly take all financial responsibility.

Couple has to find out - whether the general budget will be created or not. If yes, what sum to put that there? Also it is worth designating those joint nuzhdna on which money will leave.

The most important financial questions which need to be resolved:

  • why the soulmate does not tell about that how many money she spent for a sit-round gathering with the friends;  
  • why the partner does not spend money for needs of family, but indulges himself various expensive gifts;
  • why the woman is capable to deceive about the purchase price, having reduced it half.

As a rule, the problem of such deception lies not on a surface, and is deep in the person. Because of it the family can break up or drguy problems in the relations can appear.

Perhaps even the fact that the person in the childhood had such situations when it was necessary to deceive others in financial questions.

Full monitoring

Situations why the man invents or something hides, can be different. He can incorrectly place priorities, it is simple not to wish to spend the earned money for family.

Council. In such situation it is better to leave the person not to live in this constant control and financial violence. The woman in such family will not be able to feel surely, it will not be able to self-express and self-fulfill.

Problem since the childhood

Perhaps, the woman grew up in family rather poor and did not get used that it constantly underestimates the purchase sum. Because of it she behaves also in adulthood. That is she cannot put family above the children's requirements. It turns out that if she wants, then it has to be also all here.  

Council. It is necessary to change. That time – it was the childhood, and adulthood in which there are duties and responsibility came now.

There is no trust

Everything is simple - the woman is afraid to tell about any given purchase because is afraid of negative statements from the husband.

Council. This moment is subject to discussion too. If one of partners lies, then it is necessary to try to find a problem and to eradicate it. It is a problem both and it is necessary to solve it together.   

The postponed means

It is possible that the partner hides the finance because wants to make a surprise and to surprise the soulmate. But there can be also other situation. For example, expenditure of money for the mistress.

Council. If the partner saves money for the future for family, then you should not be afraid. But, before relaxing, it is worth checking this information at first.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team