Why people marry

Why people marry

It is known that almost all fairy tales come to an end with a wedding. In the Russian cultural tradition (as, however, in traditions of other countries and the people) the wedding is considered a key event in human life. However the reasons of marriage can be various.

Quite often marriages consist forcedly, in particular – because of unplanned pregnancy. Unfortunately, the birth of the child does not save young family, and the similar forced marriages most often come to an end with a divorce.

Desire of the young man or girl to get rid of parental control can become the reason of rash early marriage. And first the found freedom seems paradise. But over time it can turn out that life with hasty found "savior" is a bigger servitude, than life in the parental house.

Sometimes it seems to the girl that if she does not marry the first who paid attention to it, then can remain alone. As a result, the girl casts in the lot nearly with the first comer. And it happens not only to "plain women", but also to beautiful, but diffident girls. After 25 years, gloomy thoughts come to girls to mind. All girlfriends povykhodit in marriage long ago, and it is still one. Many in such situation try to use the as they think, the last chance and hasty marry. Unfortunately, such marriages often are short-lived, and the problem of loneliness remains unresolved.

To people of certain professions, for example, to military or diplomats, it is necessary to have family, so to speak, as obliges. Of course, and in this case happens that marriages consist on love, but often happens so that the young man is forced to look for the suitable candidacy for a role of the spouse: the girl come of good kin, with knowledge of etiquette and foreign languages. Feelings at the same time are minor. Unfortunately, still relevant are marriages of convenience. For some it is a way to solve material problems, for others – to rise by the next step on a career ladder. However it is unlikely the received benefit compensates sad life with the unloved person. Strangely enough, the marriages concluded on suddenly flashed passion also seldom are strong. The passion pretty fast passes, but the newlyweds who were not in time to know well each other do a lot not always of pleasant opening. Marriage – one of the most important decisions in human life, and it is necessary to accept it very circumspectly, trying to listen also to a heart voice, and to a reason voice.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team