Why people talk in a dream?

Why people talk in a dream?

Snogovoreniye is sleep disorder or feature, usual for many people, an amusing night case? The person who is usually talking in sleep does not feel any discomfort from it. And here other people – can: parents worry for the children, and family members wake up if the person sleeping a row talks in a dream. But give about everything one after another.

How the sleepy speech is connected with dream physiology?

During a dream our brain passes several cycles consisting of 4 phases. Very first of them – a phase of a superficial, superficial dream, it lasts only 3-4 minutes. In this short time there is also night speaking after which the person falls asleep deeply and strong. Phases of a dream replace each other and in 1.5-2 hours the cycle comes to the end, and behind it begins new, with a superficial dream again at once. Therefore the conversation can take place also at the beginning of falling asleep, and in the middle of the night.

On observations, small children and teenagers talk in sleep more often. It is established that every second child talked in sleep at least once. Adults talk at night much less often, and these are, as a rule, men. And next morning neither children, nor adults remember nothing. But if, having talked, they sleep peacefully all night long – with their health everything is all right.

If people are healthy why they talk in a dream?

In general, the speech activity is quite normal during sleep. It is established that at night the cerebral cortex does not stay idle, nervous cages of the center of the speech and some other function. The person does not lie all night long not movably. He turns over, grimaces and sometimes – says.

And here if the person talks in a dream often, can be the cause:

  1. Day stress. The emotions experienced the day before, tension or excessive fatigue, bright strong impressions or shock leave behind an accurate trace. The speech centers of a brain are excited, generating muffled night mutter.
  2. Irritable nervous system. Some people are especially impressionable, emotional, impulsive. They do not need to feel any strong shocks, there is enough watching movies or transfers before going to bed, a dense supper, some activity – and they already talk in sleep.
  3. Not quite mature nervous system. For it it is peculiar to be excited quickly and to calm down hardly. Such is feature of any small child. All day impressions are perceived by them much more brightly and stronger, than adults. That is why children often talk in a dream. And if emotions in a day was more, than usually, then insufficiently mature nervous system of children also reacts to them thus.
  4. Intensive training. Parents often notice that babies who only begin to speak suddenly murmur in a dream. Or the child is more senior, having begun a learning of foreign language, something mutters at night. It is reflection of new experience which is acquired by a children's brain, an echo of new knowledge. And therefore it is only possible to note that the child develops, grows and grows wiser in a dream!

So, means to talk in a dream – normally?

Not absolutely so. Sometimes the snogovoreniye signals about some pathology or a disease. Therefore it is necessary to find out why the child or adults talk in a dream. It is necessary to prick up the ears if:

  • talking, the child or the adult reddens, tests suffocation or sweats;
  • shouts, is frightened, is in power of nightmares;
  • grinds teeth;
  • goes on the house;
  • hardly wakens, long does not recover;
  • reacts to attempts to bring into consciousness aggressively and inadequately.

It is impossible to cope with such states independently at all, it is necessary to consult as soon as possible with the doctor.

How to be disaccustomed to talk in a dream by own efforts?

If no nightmares and aggression are observed, it is possible to cope with night mutter and most. Very just to make it as to cease to talk in a dream it is possible, carrying out only 2 simple rules:

  1. Correct preparation for sleeping. Acceptance of a bathtub and evening walk will remove stress and excessive excitement. It is possible to drink grass broth, and here you should not gorge on for the night.
  2. Cool and rest. Before going to bed the bedroom needs to be aired – people speak in stuffy rooms more often. And to exclude in the evening any activity, reading, the concerning talk. In general it is better to switch off the TV for one or one and a half hours to a dream! These recommendations for children are especially important – they precisely should forbid both the TV, and computer games.

The abundance of impressions, stresses and nervous overload – that is why talk in sleep people, both big, and small. And having added to them in life more order, regularity and rest, it is possible to make also their dream same quiet and serene.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team