Why the beloved lies

If you well know darling, you cannot notice that he tries to deceive you. And even if the reason for deception the insignificant, then fact of such act will hardly please you. However before accusing the man of all mortal sins, sort out motives of such behavior.

Many men begin to deceive the darling at the very beginning of the relations. They do it to tower in your eyes, extolling own achievements or the social status. Actually it is not necessary to become angry especially about darling if of course his lie did not go beyond all limits. He tried to win your heart. However, on the future it is necessary to be more attentive that the harmless lie did not develop into an addiction.

Some men hide from darling the last relations with women whom she knows or with whom can get acquainted. It is not necessary to think that it does it with some negative purpose. Just thus the man tries to save you about unnecessary suspicions and jealousy.

Sometimes men deceive the wife, trying to hide the location. However such lie not necessarily means the fact that he has a good time with the young beauty. Maybe you forbid it to see friends, and he tries to win the personal space thus. And it is possible, being covered with excessive employment the man shirks not palatable household chores and communication with you. The second case more than is unpleasant and it is impossible to let such behavior. Often men lie about the size of the earnings. It of course is unpleasant, this money could go to the benefit to your family. But you need to analyze the behavior, perhaps you too save on his hobbies and the man is forced not to lose interesting occupations in such a way. And perhaps, the most unpleasant motive for a lie is a treason. In that case will lie to you also about excessive employment, and about the lowered salary. To forgive the apostate or to kick him out - to solve only to you. Keep in mind that making this act he put own weaknesses above the obligations and the interests of your family. But before making the decision, leave emotions and analyze a situation, it is possible you provoked this treason.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team