Why the child does not want to go to kindergarten

Why the child does not want to go to kindergarten

This hard and disturbing time for all family. How will the child undergo adaptation? Whether it will be pleasant to him there? Mother and the father in eager rivalry tell the beloved child as it is exciting to go to kindergarten as there is a lot of children with whom it is cheerful to play as there are a lot of new toys. And, it seems, it begins to visit a garden with a positive spirit, but suddenly once refuses flatly to go again there. What's going on?

Do not give in on manipulation

If in the morning before the exit your child went into a hysterics and sounded unwillingness to go to a garden, it is not necessary to follow his tastes, feverishly estimating options which of parents will be able to ask for leave from work or is urgent to call the grandmother. Learn what served as a cause of failure. The kid can think up that at him the stomach ached, for example. Look narrowly at it attentively. If with it actually everything is all right, try to convince the little inventor after all to leave the house.Sort out the reasons

It is very important to understand motives of unwillingness of the child to visit child care facility. Try to reveal and establish their true source. Experts in the field of children's psychology designate three most powerful reasons capable to cause negative reaction of the child to a garden. It can be:

  • fear few familiar people
  • deficiency of friends
  • lack of contact with the tutor

Shortage of friends

To the child in new conditions it is necessary not only to get used to the mode set in a garden and observance of certain rules of conduct, but also to learn to communicate with children, various in character and temperament. It is new experience for the kid who can be, both positive, and negative. Ask your successor with whom he likes to play more. Try to agree with parents of the companion of your kid and to gather for a joint promenade to the park or on the specialized platform for children. So it will be easier for your child to accustom, find a common language with children from the same garden where the kid goes and to remove problems in communication.

Lack of mutual understanding with the worker of a kindergarten

If you noticed that the child perceives the teacher in a negative way and is even rather afraid, try to discuss his fears with the kid. Learn, maybe, he is too strictly punished there. Talk to the worker of a kindergarten without emotions and claims. Perhaps, in common you will be able to understand a problem and to improve the relations between the adult and the child. If helps to replace nothing group better.

Be tender and patient, the kid feels your mood. You quite can help the beloved child to overcome fears and to join fully society.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team