Why the first love is remembered forever

Why the first love is remembered forever

The first love - it we keep in mind. Otherwise also cannot be, with it we connected the best memoirs of young days, happiness and grief, joy and pain.

Because are young

Almost always the first love overtakes the person in the best years of his life – time of hopes and dreams when it seems that everything is possible. It paints days of youth in bright paints, granting inexpressible feeling of happiness and the height.

During this period of the life of people – as the blank sheet, is open and sincere. The first love inspires him, awakes the best qualities of character, forces to make good acts. The person seeks to become better, his hidden talents can reveal, poems and songs are born. The first love inspires him, allocates from crowd, forces to feel like the hero.

In youth all of us make plans for the future, and in these plans often the main place is allocated to love. And all the rest is under construction around this feeling. All hopes are pinned on love, in it all meaning and an essence of life. All this forces to remember the first love forever. Even if it not always has the happy end, memories of it are touching. The first love is similar to a magic small chest in which magic objects are stored. They attract to themselves, to touch them and it is scared, and it is pleasant.

Rich emotional background

Experience of deep emotions is peculiar to the first feelings – everything is perceived literally. The lover feels huge happiness and joy. One look happens enough to cause his delight. But the first love is not only happy emotions. During this period there are also first disappointments, pain from undivided feelings, bitterness of defeat and loneliness, offense when it seems that life is over. All these sincere experiences, joyful and not really, so deeply imprint in the lover's soul that remain for a long time together with it, at times for the rest of life. Therefore the first love full of various feelings is not forgotten.

All for the first time

The first shy views, timid smile, admiring furtively, disturbing awe of heart – all this occurs for the first time. And the first experience is invaluable, it is not forgotten. It is impossible to advise something to the lovers who learned this feeling for the first time – all of them will equally arrive on command of the heart. Not always the first love comes to an end with connection of couple. Often happens that the first love is followed by the second, third. But the first differs in the deep maintenance and heat of feelings – there is no experience yet. The person acts sincerely, yet without being able to play this entertaining game. Everyone has to pass through test by the first love.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team