Why the girl wants to be alone

Why the girl wants to be alone

The relations mean full-fledged devotion. It is necessary to share not only a bed or the bathroom, but also emotions, opinions, time, energy with the partner. Only in this case it is possible to reach full mutual understanding. But sometimes, having been tired of continuous contact, to the girl can want to be alone.

Desire to be alone – not a reason for men's panic

The girls staying a long time in the relations quite often have a desire to move away a little from the partner. However you should not be frightened such behavior: it is not necessarily "call" that she wants to leave. Just sometimes emotional "reset" is necessary for your partner.

Alone the girl can consider quietly many questions and find answers to many of them. Especially often natures want to stay alone with themselves sensitive and creative. If the girl does not receive a desirable privacy, it can develop into scandal or a quarrel.

Desire to be alone can also be a signal for the partner that in the relations not everything is all right. Perhaps, this requirement – only a way to draw your attention. Try to take a closer look at behavior of the passion and to understand whether it is strummed and whether really the lady wants a privacy. The chance is real that expressing such desire, the girl just expects from you a decisive step which will introduce something new in the relations. If desire to be alone at the girl arises at the very beginning of the relations, it can also have the reasons, not related to you. First, your darling can be an introvert. People of this type sometimes need loneliness for recovery of psychological balance. Secondly, many girls are very subject to hormonal jumps. Depending on a phase of a menstrual cycle the behavior of your darling can strongly change. Also the girl can not wish to stand to you on the hysterical hind legs during PMS and therefore she tries to endure it independently.

Privacy on serious circumstances

Sometimes girls want to stay alone not just like that. This desire can be an alarming sign. There is a probability that the privacy is necessary for your darling for adoption of the difficult, but necessary decision. For example, the girl could meet some time you with one (or several) the young man. "Having tested" the available options, she wishes to fade for a while "into the background" that to analyze everything and to make the choice. Other similar situation: on the horizon her ex-boyfriend who suggests to begin the relations anew appeared. If feelings cooled down not up to the end, the girl will want to retire and carefully to consider everything. However desire to stay alone does not signal at all that your passion is "mnogostanochnitsa". Perhaps, according to her and to feelings, the relations with you gradually reach a deadlock. To understand the feelings to you, to estimate their gravity and desire to continue the relations (or to terminate them), the privacy can be required by the girl. To understand what situation developed in your couple very not easy. Straight talk or your any decisive step can help. You should not refuse to the girl a privacy – it can provoke a quarrel and aggression, an unnecessary quarrel. Remain are quiet, allow the lady to be alone, restore forces and to make the necessary decision.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team