Why the guy gives nothing

Why the guy gives nothing

People like to give and receive gifts. Some girls, meeting the guy, cannot understand why their beloved does not give them any surprises, however to it there is the explanation.


1. Irrespective of how many you meet the young man, he can not give you gifts at all. The first reason of lack of similar attention - banal male greed. The man just does not see sense to spend the financial savings for purchase of various nonsenses if you already belong to it. He will protect any money to spend them for other objects, and they are not always necessary to him. Even if such person is rich, his greed all the same will not allow it to be wasteful concerning you.

2. Some guys do not give gifts to the soulmates for one simple reason: they just I do not know what you want. Most likely, the man once had a bitter life experience when he presented something to the beloved, and she burst out laughing to it in a face, rejected a gift and did not estimate a similar rush. Because of it the young man will not begin to buy anything to you as he will constantly doubt whether you will be satisfied or not.

3. Men understand now that girls because of emancipation became independent. They can dare to buy everything what they need. As a result of the man are afraid to sell too cheap and present to the beautiful soulmate a thing which it does not need which it will not begin to use for the reason that can get to itself something the best and more expensive.

4. One more reason of lack of gifts from your man - education. Perhaps, your guy grew up in that family where the father did not respect, did not appreciate and did not indulge the legal wife. He was not taught that the good attitude to the woman is a norm. He is not able and will not begin to give you gifts.

5. Some guys do not buy anything to the girls for that simple reason that women let know that they do not need similar courtesies. Remember, maybe, you once said to the young man that you never accept from anybody gifts, and he apprehended it as a signal to action, more precisely - to inaction.

6. And one more most banal reason for which your guy does not give you gifts - absence on it in cash. Perhaps, your man quitted the job not so long ago, or in his family there were financial difficulties. For it it is impossible to become angry about the young man at all. Try to understand him.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team