Why the guy needs the girl

Why the guy needs the girl

Many young people are sure that presence of "soulmate" in certain age is just necessary for them. At the same time they are not always capable to explain even to themselves why they need the girl. And to enter the relations, without knowing why — a serious mistake which can affect all further life.

Arrangement of the private life, certainly, very important task which practically all guys are anyway forced to solve. But before rushing to the world of the romantic relations, it is worth stopping and understanding why the companion of life is necessary for you. Moreover, to avoid serious disappointments, it is better to decide in advance and on that why the girl is not necessary.

Why the girl is not necessary

One of the popular beliefs pursuing guys is that the absence of the constant girlfriend discredits the young man in the opinion of peers. This delusion becomes frequent the reason of origin of the muffled relations for the sake of "public recognition". Actually, it cannot be considered as a little significant basis for search of the companion as the romantic relations — business rather intimate, and public opinion should not play any role in their formation. Such approach, most likely, will lead only to mutual disappointments and offenses because it is very difficult to keep in contact, without feeling for it need.

Some guys are sure that girls are necessary, first of all, for sex. Really, the sexual component has huge value, but, unfortunately, it is almost impossible to construct the constant relations on only one sexual inclination. Matter not only in inevitable mutual fatigue from each other in a bed, but also in what to one of partners will surely want sooner or later something bigger, than sex and if the second is not ready to it, then, most likely, the relations will end with a quarrel or scandal. The opposite mistake is made by guys who look for the girl for disposal of loneliness. You should not confuse usual thirst for communication with love, and for constant conversations it is better to find the person sharing your interests and to make friends with it.

Lyubov and family

The guy needs the girl if he feels that he loves her. Of course, there is a huge set of definitions of love, but, as a rule, it is easy to distinguish this feeling from hormonal surge or thirst of communication. The relations constructed on mutual love not always come to an end in marriage, the ability every day to love the partner more and more which is got only with experience for this purpose is necessary. Besides, not each girl will reciprocate to the admirer. Search of the girl "on love" is capable to bring many experiences and disappointments, but this way will give the chance to create really strong and long relationship. Ideally such relations will lead to creation of family and appearance of children, however you should not hurry in a registry office until you are sure that you found that girl with whom you want to live the longest time. And though in the modern world stains — not the rarity, perhaps, will make sense to wait a little before concluding the marriage alliance. After all, from the traditional point of view, the romantic relations are necessary to the person, first of all, for reproduction and if you do not want that your children grew in incomplete family, try to find that only with whom you are going to live all life.

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