"Why the husband changes: reasons, solution

"Why the husband changes: reasons, solution

Marrying, each girl wishes strong family and the faithful husband. But, alas, the situation when the man changes, is not rare. In this article we will tell about why it happens how to behave to the woman who learned about treason of the husband and as to it to live further with this knowledge.

For what reasons of the man do begin to change?

By the nature of the man are inclined to polygamy, and unconsciously seek to take up with as it is possible a large number of healthy, attractive young girls. Sometimes this tendency is provoked to activity by vital circumstances, such as: not too successful family life or incompatibility of temperaments of couple.

Whether you know? The research center which is in the United Arab Emirates completed researches which result was a conclusion: the more wives at the man, the possibility is higher than obstruction of coronary vessels at him and premature death.

Also there are representatives of a strong half of mankind for whom the constant pursuit of new hobby makes meaning of life. To them it is uninteresting to return to already subdued "tops".

Family problems

Unfaithfulness — not an unusual occurrence when spouses for some reason (working business trips are more often) are forced to live a long time at distance from each other. To young people it is physically difficult long to abstain from sexual proximity. And it means that they can enter sexual relations with the foreign partner, without belonging to such act as to treachery of the second half.

Irritation and reproaches

If the man of the house is constantly met by reproaches and criticism of any its actions, gradually the image of the wife unites with negative feelings. The spouse more often feels unnecessary, his merits do not admit or underestimated therefore he tries to prove the courage, looking after other ladies. There is a cooling to family where it is constantly offended also to the woman for whom it is insufficiently good.

Important! It is difficult for man to feel love and sexual attraction for constantly dissatisfied partner, and the husband goes there where his society is appreciated, and he appears clever, interesting and sexual for other girl.

Lack of physical contact

If both partners do not coincide with each other on sexual temperament, and the man does not accept the frequency and a rhythm of sexual life, then, most likely, he will seek satisfactions of the sensuality "elsewhere". The woman should pay enough attention to this party of human life if she does not wish to share the husband with the competitor. Often the lack of sex pushes to treason even husbands, sincerely and hotly loving wives. To most of males to derive pleasure from sex, it is optional to love the partner.

Meeting with another

In marriage the hot feelings cool down over time, losing initial brightness, and over time turn into absolutely other quality — spouses become dear people. As the marriage union lasts long, sometimes not one decade, but people always remain people, and there can be anything. Sudden love can take away the spouse from family, such bright feeling cannot be anything else as true love — it seems to the person.

Whether you know? An official holiday of all lovers in the Christian countries is St. Valentine's Day, and the Saint is considered the patron of lovers.

But psychologists know that in 50% of cases through a small interval of time when the first heat of feelings cools down, the husband comes back to family as understands that he really loves the second half.

Treason for treason

There are such situations that the treason the husband tries to wound the wife who changed to him painfully. Treason to the partner does not disappear in such cases, and on the contrary, is advertized as it is possible more widely. It is quite widespread men's reaction to treachery of the loved one in which also the aspiration to prove to itself and others that he is attractive to other girls is concluded.

What to do if the husband changes and lies?

The woman needs to pay attention to unusual behavior of the second half to what in family not everything is all right, is specified by many indirect signs. Usually that the husband has a novel the spouse learns the latest. If there were suspicions, the woman needs to pay attention to behavior of the husband, to analyze it and to draw the corresponding conclusions.

Learn how to behave if the husband changes.

Signs of the fact that the husband has a new hobby:

  • special attention to the appearance, new things, hairstyle, new perfume;
  • emergence of new affairs outdoors, frequent delays after work;
  • the frequent calls sent and the received sms by phone;
  • decrease in sexual inclination to the spouse.

How to behave when learned what the husband changes?

Despite offense and pain from treachery, the deceived spouse has to realize that the fact of treason from it is carefully suppressed by the husband. It means only one — he values the family matrimonial relations and does not want to lose them. Perhaps, the spouse understands that he does wrong and fairly is afraid of consequences of the treason. In this case psychologists are ambiguous in the recommendations, further actions of the woman depend on what results she wants to achieve. If she wants to catch "apostate" and to achieve an immediate divorce, then it is possible to arrange effective exposure of the unfaithful husband and grandiose scandal. If the spouse wishes to keep family, she should hint the husband that his adventures will be just about opened.

Whether you know? The admitted fact that swans choose couple only once in life. Expression "swan fidelity" is a synonym of love constancy and fidelity to the couple.

Often such behavior of the wife forces the man to stop the relations on the party and to be engaged in rescue of the family. The choice of behavior model for the woman depends on character and temperament of both spouses. If the man is amorous, quickly flashes and also quickly cools down, perhaps, the wife just should wait a little until his love ends, and to pretend that it is not aware of the events.

In what cases it is necessary to try to keep marriage?

If before treason of the husband the matrimonial relations were strong and harmonious, and children grow in family — perhaps, the woman should not hurry to destroy such marriage, and it is necessary to give the man a chance of correction of the made mistake. If unfaithfulness of the husband is constants, and the relations in family intense and nervous — such union is better to stop. Life long, maybe, ahead the woman is waited by new meetings with new interesting people among which it will find the happiness.

What to do that the husband never changed?

The family demands from the woman many sincere and physical forces, especially when children appear. Having steeped in cares, having got used that the spouse always is near, the girl ceases to pay attention to the appearance, trusting assurances of the husband that he loves her everyone. At the beginning of family life the newlyweds share with each other various experiences from the past and the present, the companies of each other, to them well together very much rejoice.

Over time the novelty vanishes, all seems about each other it is already known. That matrimonial feelings did not cool down, and society of each other still pleased — it is necessary to participate and divide hobbies of each other, to have mutual friends and acquaintances that forms identical views on life, people and life situations.

Important! You should not be obsessed with a thought of how to catch the spouse on treason, and it is better to try to prevent emergence of this painful situation and to think of how to hold the interest of the partner.

The intimate aspect of life is also very important, it is desirable to diversify it, to make the relations saturated and sensual, then will not pull the husband to look for love embraces out of the matrimonial bedroom. Understanding and acceptance by the woman of these factors, significant for the constant union, will help to avoid adulteries.

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Councils of the psychologist

Men's treason is a huge trauma for the spouse therefore psychologists recommend to women to take some steps for restoration of peace of mind:

  1. It is undesirable to the deceived woman to become reserved, concentrating attention on the trouble as "the broken heart" is at all not invented term. The person enduring crash of family and treachery of the loved one feels quite real heartaches accompanied with a breath zatrudnyonnost, insomnia, a hysterical state. Such state can lead both to a suicide, and to a heart attack or a stroke.
  2. It is desirable to divide the trouble with the close girlfriend capable to understand and sympathize with your misfortune. When the person dooms the indignation, offense, rage and misunderstanding in words — it becomes easier for it.
  3. It is impossible to forget that the dissonance of married couple is often followed by a divorce, and among victims there are not only former spouses, but also children. Therefore you should not act in a temper, it is necessary to dare to cool down, consider the situation and to solve what you want in this situation. Perhaps, the wife should discuss his adultery with the unfaithful husband, to inform the person who was recently to the family, all pain and impossibility of this situation.
  4. Anyway, that the deceived woman solved, it is not necessary to make in a temper the fatal decisions concerning not only two adults, but also their children. It is kind of banal did not sound, but time really treats, and in the families which endured treason, spouses often make the choice for each other. And in years the bitterness from treason will be softened, though will not be forgotten absolutely, but the family will not collapse, and spouses will begin to appreciate each other more.

Unfortunately, men sometimes change the spouses. Family problems, a lack of sexual communication, love for other woman can become the reasons for that. In various cases it is necessary to approach a situation individually and to try to find a reasonable way out of the situation.

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