Why the husband looks at other women

Why the husband looks at other women

Men are hunters by the nature therefore they very often are lost in contemplation not only of the soulmates, but also of other women.


1. Men can pay attention to other women for various reasons. Perhaps, he just lost interest in the legal wife or she from the very beginning was not capable to make it conceited. If your husband grew cold to you, you have to make best efforts again to awaken in him passion. Look after yourself, you watch the appearance and try to be always sexual. It not only will return you attention of your husband, but also will award with delighted looks of other men.

2. Men prefer ease and comfort in the relations. If between you there is no it, the husband can look for the new candidate for your place near it. Reconsider the relation to your beloved. Stop to press on it, give it more freedom. Understand that you should not hold it. To be near you is his desire.

3. One more reason for which men are lost in contemplation of other women - the disrespectful relation from the spouse. If your husband understands that you treat him not as he deserves that, most likely, he will begin to ego-trip at the expense of other women.

4. If the wife chooses an exacting and accusatory position, her husband can be also engaged in replacement search. You should not require from the man of care, attention, respect, surprises and gifts if you cannot give it anything in exchange. Your spouse should not feel unnecessary or used. Such behavior of the woman often pushes the man on treason. He will quickly grow cold to you and soon will begin to be lost in contemplation of other women.

5. Besides, that your husband looks at other women can be and his wine. It can occur under the influence of the bad company, under the influence of alkogolesoderzhashchy drinks which obscure reason and erase borders of legal. Also men can pay attention to other women owing to natural polygamy. Guys often look for a variety and if your husband is among fans of entertainments on the party, you will hardly be able to change it.

6. In what there was a reason of similar behavior of your husband, begin to look for a problem not in it, and in yourself. You will be able to cope with its attention to foreign women only when you begin to meet expectations of your beloved of the ideal spouse.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team