Why the long relations became a rarity

Why the long relations became a rarity

In modern society more often there are stains. People ceased to appreciate institution of marriage, less them hold feelings, children or money. These trends are observed within 30 years, and in Russia, according to sociologists, improvement of a situation is not observed and not planned.

The long relations are the unions which manage to hold on not less than 10 years. Today no more than 20% of the registered couples can brag of it. Since 1950 the percent of stains increased by 13 times. Today from 100 issued marriages about 70 disperse, and most of spouses spend together of a year up to seven years.

Relation to marriage

For the last decades the attitude towards matrimonies was very seriously changed. Today it consists for economic guarantees, but not always bears other functions. People do not swear fidelity to a coffin any more, and dare to think that the divorce can happen. In the Soviet Union marrying understood that they should pass a way together, they did not assume the idea that everything will end. A social framework and the principles of decency did not give the chance to terminate the arrangement. The same who made up the mind to such step lost an opportunity again to find family.

Today everything changed. The divorce is not the end of life, it is only a stage which the new relations follow. Of course, this painful event, but not deadly. And it is simpler to disperse, than to build something together, to find solutions. It allows to choose the best options, gives the chance to live without oppression and hatred, but also and weakens, does not allow to go on compromises.

Egoism in family life

Understanding that the family it forever, gives to people the aspiration to adapt to each other. They realize that they cannot refuse the choice, so, it is necessary to look for options which will suit both. In this case marriage is not a pleasure action, but work on creation of a cell of society. Daily adaptation, finding solutions allows to get used, to adjust life, to construct the strong relations. Of course, the love can pass, but the laid foundation will support people together. In such framework important not only to satisfy the requirements, but also well to make to the one who is near. In modern society the egoism is more and more shown. People are not ready to compress the rights for the sake of close, they dream that all their requirements will be satisfied, but at the same time do not make concessions. They know that there is a way of retreat that it is always possible to leave and therefore refuse to work on improvement of the events. Everyone looks for the best for himself, forgetting about children or the partner. As soon as something does not arrange, it is necessary to begin to express claims, to shout or lay down conditions, but not to listen to another and to compromise. The love existed always, but it of course and after it evaporates, people live already attachment and obligations. Today not all understand that feelings pass, and are not ready that "pink glasses" vanish. Abundance of romantic stories from screens, books with the fine finals and a story about eternal love give hope for implementation of such scenarios. And when everything goes to lives not so, does not correspond to the thought-up images, the person refuses constructed and again goes for search of the fairy tale.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team