Why the man can want to marry the girl with the child

Why the man can want to marry the girl with the child

There is an opinion that with children it is very difficult to lonely women to marry, but most of them nevertheless find sooner or later the man who is not frightened by prospects to bring up foreign child.

What single mothers of men attract with

Many modern young girls are so exacting to the boyfriends that just frighten men. Under the influence of advertizing and mass media at young beauties the opinion is formed that the man by all means has to be wealthy, successful and, certainly, generous – to give jewelry, fur coats, and even cars with houses. Young people subconsciously feel that they "do not pull", and try to steer clear of such ladies. Quite another matter – the girl with the child. She is already rather wise and skilled not to build castles in the air and not to demand from men of impossible. In her life there was already at least one failed affair from which she for certain drew a set of conclusions how it is necessary and it is not necessary to behave with representatives of an opposite sex. Somewhere is caress, somewhere cunning such women pretty fast win over the pleasant men. Besides divorcees are often much more skilled in a bed: they are rather liberated, are able to derive pleasure and to bring it to the partner that just dements especially passionate guys.

Mother is, first of all, a hostess. Lonely women with the child very much attract men with the economy: in their house it is always clean and cozy, they cook well, are able to plan the budget and to spend money intelligently. Not each childless young girl will be able to brag of such abilities, it is rather even on the contrary: modern young ladies quite often are proud of the fact that do not prepare and dream of housemaids, not to mention throwing of money to burn.

Foreign child can become the family

Contrary to popular belief, not all men are frightened by prospect to bring up foreign child as many of them also grew in incomplete family. Really, statistics of stains in our country is simply huge, and not each boy lived with the father. Having become adults, such men often seek to start strong families and easily accept other people's children as perfectly understand feelings of the child who has no father. The decision to marry the divorcee is frequent men who for some reason do not want accept or cannot have children. They know that each woman will want the child sooner or later therefore choose those which already satisfied the maternal instinct and on them will not press in the future. By search of the companion of life the divorced men who had children from the previous marriages are guided by often same reasons.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team