Why the man does not finish

Why the man does not finish

The ejaculation delay at the man is not a reason for concern if it happens seldom. Many women do not attach to the happened incident great value – the main thing that sexual intercourse lasted longer, but did not come to an end five minutes later.

Only in erotic movies sex can give pleasure several hours in a row, and even the whole day: actors are capable not to finish a long time, but is itis itis it good? Why the man does not finish 20-30 minutes of continuous process later, completely depends not only on psychological state of the man, but also on temperament of the woman. The libido or sexual desire, first of all, is formed in the head, and then influences production of testosterone which is responsible for sexual desire. It is much more difficult to control passionate desire therefore fast ejaculation meets where more often than a delay. The partner concerned by lack of a men's orgasm can draw an unfavourable conclusion: "does not want", "it was spent for other woman" and so on. But such thoughts no more than a fruit of the played imagination of the wounded lady.

What factors affect lack of ejaculation

Impossibility to finish sexual intercourse or to receive an orgasm to the man, the anorgazmiya is called. To some extent, the anorgazmiya is a disease: trying to give pleasure to the partner, the man forgets about himself – sex has working character where there is only one purpose, to bring the girl to pleasure. Some rare individuals are able to finish inside, but these are features of physiology.

Main reasons for lack of a men's orgasm

  • Problems in a bed can arise because of the sexual preferences which settled for years. The vicious imagination or creation of the ideal girl in the head, up to trifles, can affect the relations with the real woman. Subconsciously, the man will look for that which does not exist in features, and the disappointment every time will remove a happy culmination point;
  • Frequent consumption of strong drinks, especially before the act, slows down and dulls feelings. The problem becomes deeper if alcohol rises on the first place – it is possible not only not to terminate, but also not to lift body in the working condition at all. Drugs also kill potency and desire;
  • Intense relations with the spouse or girlfriend. Quarrels, nervous situations, psychological pressure or systematic humiliation from the partner, will be beaten off by desire at the moment;
  • Total loss of sexual inclination. Attempts to improve the sexual relations come to an end with a failure, that is, lack of a seed;
  • Diseases of venereal character;
  • Initial stage of impotence, prostatitis;
  • Injury of a nerve, penis ligaments;
  • Frequent masturbation;
  • Diseases of an urinogenital system, hormonal imbalance, diabetes.

If the problem arises seldom, then it is necessary to wait when there take place the conflicts at work, to help to be restored, calm morally the man. Talk to the partner, get up on one sincere wave. Sometimes sexual intercourses play a negative role. If the partner demands every day sex for calm, but not because there is a wish, it is quite probable that to terminate it will not turn out. To force itself mentally – to create excess troubles, sex with a great effort will not bring pleasure to either the woman, or the man. Too belongs and to masturbation – you should not turn onanism into a habit. The moment when without hands any full action does not turn out to make will come. Be not afraid to visit the urologist's doctor if the lack of an orgasm became the norm. The unwillingness to recognize sexual problems will play a dirty trick in the future. In most cases, the impossibility to terminate arises because of psychological state – perhaps, it is time to change scenery, a pose, and it is possible, the woman.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team