Why the man is not jealous

Why the man is not jealous

At that very moment, when one half of female population of the whole planet painfully suffers from constant unreasonable men's jealousy, another – is unsatiable complains of lack of a sparkle in the relations which gives, according to them, that feeling of jealousy.

Why the husband is not jealous the wife

Great ladies mistakenly believe what the lack of jealousy between the man and the woman tells about absence or fading of passionate feelings of love. Some, most active women, often take a lot of various actions and tricks to wake the fallen asleep feeling and to force the elect to begin to be jealous.

Unfortunately, such behavior they usually give normal the relation to a sad outcome – to parting.

Love, even love, and jealousy have interrelation only at the beginning of a way of the new relations, so far as concerns gaining the purpose. The jealousy in that case is admissible when the man is afraid to miss the ladylove as he at that time has no reasonable rights of "property" yet.

As for when the man loses full interest in the companion when except jealousy vanishes also simple concern for the half, here then it is necessary to think. In this situation it is possible to begin a conversation about the dying-away feelings which it is possible and it is necessary to save. For record: do not confuse lack of jealousy in the relations with emergence of trust and tranquility.

Why men are jealous

In this respect there is an opinion of professional psychologists who claim that the jealousy is a difficult psychobiological complex which has under itself(himself) the mass of the hidden prime causes.

The jealousy in certain cases is the mental disorder which arose from long ago the got children's trauma or for some genetic reasons.

More often the jealousy is result of manifestation of aggressive nature of a men's individual. Any behavior of the woman seems under magnifying, distorting everything, glass. Simple trifles are represented by big problems, and offenses - treachery. Not the love, but simple fear of loneliness usually is behind jealousy. The guy becomes very jealous when sees that his girl is still looked after by the former gentleman. Actually, he has to understand that the relations which ended long ago should not do any harm them to feelings, but cannot stop himself. In the normal full-fledged relations when together people not only loving each other, but also respecting, always there has to be at least at least a respect and trust therefore the lack of jealousy is not a reason for panic yet. Any true good relations are not under construction on jealousy, remember it.

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