Why the man lies to the woman

Why the man lies to the woman

Why he deceived again? Perhaps, this question concerns each woman who had to face a lie from the beloved. And it is valid in what business? The woman tries to create a cosiness, to show care, she sincerely loves and appreciates … And it lies again – and on trifles, and, as they say, on large.

Perhaps, if it repeats again and again, then quite reasonable will not cry in a pillow and not to threaten to leave, and just to ask itself a question: "For what reason the man goes for deception?" And if the answer to this question so quickly is not, then it is possible to try to find it, having studied the most common causes of a men's lie:

- you constantly are interested what relations at it with his "former" girl. The man answers that he does not even communicate with her – but you with own eyes, literally the other day saw them together on the street … Think: the man can be simply tired of "pressure" and therefore prefers to tell lies, but not to be let in long explanations? Try to calm down. Most likely, there will pass time, and your darling will tell everything.

- the man is late again for your meeting and when at last arrives, begins to justify itself, think out absolutely improbable excuses. In that case, most likely, he just is afraid to admit own not punctuality and forgetfulness. - in the company of friends your beloved, usually modest and quiet person, suddenly begins to tell about some unknown achievements. Do not reveal him before strangers at all! Perhaps, the person, thus, tries to realize own potential. And here if you reproach him with boasting, your relations can great deteriorate. Better accompany – you will see how darling will be grateful to you! - yesterday he promised to wash the dishes, to sweep the floor and to buy products for the week ahead. But there passed day, and, any promise is not kept. At the same time the man begins to lie that he was very busy and could not execute promised. Do not worry, punish him just a little. Did not buy products? Was left without dinner. And so in everything. But, do not make scandal at all. You love the man, so, his shortcomings are ready to forgive. Most likely, he will cease to deceive when he is able to ego-trip and will understand that you can be trusted.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team