Why the married woman does not carry a wedding ring

It is no secret that wedding rings are a symbol of the fact that the person already has a soulmate. The wedding ring is considered confirmation of the matrimonial status, but today some women more often prefer to leave a symbol of matrimonial love and fidelity somewhere at home in a casket.

History of emergence of tradition of carrying wedding ring

Preparing for a wedding, people choose to themselves wedding rings, but very few people from them seriously thought of that from where this tradition appeared. It appears, it has roots deeply in the past and is shrouded in various romantic legends.

According to many historians, it arose in Ancient Egypt, there notable women carried rings from gold and silver, and less rich of clay and glass.

The wedding rings executed in the form of a key were popular in Rome, men gave them to the wives meaning that the woman will share all sorrows and the husband's duties. Process of exchange of rings is penetrated by the meaning of the fact that the part native and darling will be near always. Unfortunately, now wedding rings remained only tradition which lost the initial meaning. Some men and women do not want to carry this symbol of marital fidelity on the finger, including the similar sign a silly and useless game at all.

Wedding rings give an inconvenience

The refusal of men to constantly carry a wedding ring is clear to much but why women more often refuse to carry it - unclear. Some women believe that constantly to carry a ring is unhealthy as on a hand the sensitive points which are closely connected with certain bodies are located.

Carrying a ring for a long time, can lead to problems with health.

Some women do not put on a wedding ring an interview, thus they wish to hide the age and presence of children. Other women consider that wedding rings impede further progress on a career ladder. It appears, employers can think that the family person will not give all the best at work for all 100%. Modern women wish to be successful in career because to be a housewife, according to them, not fashionably. They consider that housewives are unsuccessful, lazy, silly and to nobody uninteresting women. For this reason family values are pushed into the background, time of selfish people who think only of themselves comes. Besides, women should carry out a set of various household chores. They erase, iron, remove, prepare, wash the dishes. Some girls claim what any rings on a finger impedes the implementation of some affairs or can be damaged.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team