Why the person is happy?

Why the person is happy?

It is impossible to find a universal way which would make each person happy. Someone is pleased by the round sum of money, and others are inspired from travel. Generally, there is no exact definition of such state and for each person it has the certain character.

What means to be a happy person?

There are people who consider that the feeling of happiness is short-term and connected it with certain life situations. Somehow it is simply impossible to foresee these events, these are the fleeting phenomena which give improbable feelings and emotions. For example, many feel happiness when they embrace the child, hear singing of birds, watch the touching movie, etc. This feeling is frequent compare to a wave which suddenly covers, and recedes later. Many people, reflecting why the person is happy, specify that the similar feeling arises when life full and interesting. The simple words of people feels joy when it has a favourite work, good health, happy family, etc.

What makes the person happy:

  1. Love. This feeling also stimulates the most important in life as it inspires on feats. The love can be given not only to women, but also parents, close relatives, friends, animal, etc. Even without reciprocity happiness allows to feel feelings.
  2. Friendship. Each person needs support and there has to be at least one person with whom it will be possible to share, spend time, to get support, etc. For this reason many, thinking of what there is a lot of at the happy person, answer – right friendship. The happy and joyful moments are connected with close people many.
  3. Communication. Gets positive emotions of people thanks to contacts with pleasant people. The feeling of reciprocity, interest and support is important.
  4. Hobbies. Psychologists consider that each person needs to have business which brings pleasure, helps to distract and gives happiness. When the person is implemented in the sphere interesting him and reaches certain heights, he raises a self-assessment and self-respect.
  5. Positive. Fill life with various positive situations, for example, you walk, you watch good movies, books and you have fun. The positive is the non-replaceable satellite of happiness.
  6. Meaning of life. Arguing on the one who can be considered the happy person, it is impossible to imagine people without the purposes and dreams. If interests nothing, then it is difficult to feel joy.
  7. Work. Favourite work brings true pleasure. With its help the person can not only provide, achieve financially himself certain heights and success.

What prevents the person to be happy?

In life of everyone there are various obstacles which prevent to feel joy and happiness, will stop on some of them:

  1. Approval of people around. Many cannot take a step, without having learned the opinions of other people. In principle each person has to live the thoughts. To councils it is necessary to listen, but how decide to arrive only the head.
  2. Rage and negative. Many offenses in human life arise because of unjustified hopes. Learn to look more simply at surrounding situations and to control own emotions.
  3. Desire to become an ideal. Many people try to copy life of others, trying to repeat their happiness. It is worth learning to derive pleasure from own life and acts.
  4. Past. For many people the main obstacles fortunately are the last events which are not giving the chance to develop and move forward. Try to put the end and to start everything anew.

It is a little more facts about happiness:

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team