Why the romanticism leaves the relations

Why the romanticism leaves the relations

When people only begin to meet, they are full of romanticism: he gives flowers, looks after, carries on hands, it belongs gently and tremblingly, literally idolizes the man. But after a while such relation is replaced by usual household disorders.


1. There are several reasons of why the romanticism leaves the relations. And the first among them - accustoming. The person can get used to anything including to the relations. At first the man should try to obtain the woman, and - to draw with her his attention. From here courting and presentation of gifts, beautiful dresses and tasty romantic dinners originate.

2. Besides, the level of hormones in time, the first after acquaintance, just reads off scale: new person, new feelings, feelings, love. Hormones literally capture the person, plunging him into euphoria. Constantly there is a wish to be near, study each other, to try new. Some problems seem minor and unworthy attention, couple does not concentrate on them and does not find them a solution, continuing to enjoy with each other.

3. It is natural that once there comes the saturation moment if not satiation the new person. It only initially seems that it will not bother and the moment of full recognition will never come. In practice everything occurs quickly enough. It for the present not a nadoyedaniye each other, but already obtusion of that enthusiastic feeling which is called love. It occurs at absolute majority of couples and when this moment comes, it is important to behave correctly to keep the relations.

4. Emotional saturation with each other does not mean break in relations. Just during this period of time the young people begin to look more soberly at each other. They find out that the person near them is not ideal. Old unresolved problems emerge and quarrels begin. Besides, that accustoming too strongly influences disappearance of romanticism. It is not necessary to try to obtain attention of the partner any more, priorities are placed, couple was officially created or even got married. And some put an end it: if it is not necessary to work on the relations more, then and you should not put efforts.

5. In it the huge error of separate couples is. The relations demand full-time employment, perhaps, even the first love, bigger after disappearance. The sober view on habits of the partner can deprive completely of the person of a former spirit for romanticism. And household duties will take away and lately on manifestation of romantic feelings. Whether to romanticism when it is necessary to wash clothes, to complete repair, to make a dinner. Young people put huge forces in arrangement of life and on romanticism they just do not have neither means, nor time, nor desire.

6. However it is impossible to allow similar. It is necessary even if with effort, but to find occasions, desire and time for returning former feeling of ease and romanticism. For this purpose it is possible to arrange dinners, to think out unusual entertainments, for example, campaigns on roofs, to go on vacation, to give small gifts, to leave lovely notes, leaving for work. It is possible to think up hundreds of romantic things if to continue to love the partner, not to forget to treat seriously the relations with it, even when you live in marriage, to remember why the relations with this person are important.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team