Why the wedding is necessary

Why the wedding is necessary

At many people the set of ceremonies, traditions and foundations is connected with holding a wedding ceremony. At the believing people the wedding in addition is followed by religious practices (at Christians, for example, this wedding). Still for a long time the wedding and a wedding are the bright events symbolizing manifestations of the highest form of love in the relations between the man and the woman.

The wedding represents the sign of the birth of new family and the established relationship between lovers. But in the modern world there are more and more couples which prefer to live a civil marriage. Most of them dream of holding a wedding ceremony, but their situation suits some as is.

Why people decide to celebrate a wedding? For this purpose there is a lot of answers and reasons, and they are various. For someone this solution of the problem of the lonely status, for others – importance to follow all necessary rules and decencies that was "as at all". There are people who consider that holding this celebration is necessary more for relatives, or this forced action in connection with the future replenishment of family. There are also those couples which ask a question: and whether it is necessary to make out officially the relations, to set "the seal in the passport"? Whether something will change from it, it is possible and to live without respect for these formalities together and to enjoy the relations. Many are visited by a thought that it is possible just to go and undersign for the REGISTRY OFFICE without carrying out feasts and the invitation of guests, therefore, to make everything modestly and imperceptibly.

To celebrate a wedding or not is the choice and the decision of young people. But still any celebration whether it be an engagement, a wedding or just registration in the REGISTRY OFFICE, did not pass without newlyweds did not want to imprint this significant event for memory. Not accidentally the wedding is called the peculiar "anthem of love" connecting once and for all two loving hearts. That is that the wedding celebration – is more, than the usual holiday bearing with itself the special importance and importance for future life. This day, certainly, will remain in memory at all attendees, and not just at the main heroes of the occasion. The main thing that the step was conscious and seriously thought over. Therefore most of people inclines that carrying out a wedding solemn ceremony is necessary for confirmation of that fact that now young lovers pass to a new stage of formation of their relations. At the same time they receive other status for each other, with slightly other duties and responsibility. Thus, the decision to get married develops into celebration of the most disturbing both a ceremony in life and the fate of the person – wedding. For the couple and people around, this sacrament is a peculiar indicator of mindfulness and desire of family life, readiness for emergence and education of future children. For any person it is important to celebrate the day of its birth annually. The wedding is a birthday of new family, and for many families this event takes place in life only once. Therefore it is worth it to become one of the most memorable and happy events in life of people.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team