Why the wife is necessary

Why the wife is necessary

Still rather recently question "Why to the Man Wife?" would seem ridiculous. And today more and more men doubt whether it is worth entering a legal marriage. Their logic is as follows: "I am independent, quite wealthy person for what to me the wife. That in the house there was an order, there was a tasty food? It is so possible to employ the housemaid, to learn to prepare most or to eat at restaurants, cafe. The sexy partner is necessary? And for this purpose it is not obligatory to marry. The main thing – that nobody encroached on my freedom". And, indeed, for what the man needs the wife?

The wife – the close girlfriend and a soulmate

The good wife is not only good mistress and the tidy housewife. She is, first of all, a close girlfriend to whom the man can always frankly talk on any, even the most sensitive issue, to tell about the problems, that she disturbs him concerns. And it is very important! To any person, even to the most reserved, strong-willed, sometimes it is just necessary to be uttered, thereby having found tranquility at heart.

The careful loving wife always attentively will listen, will calm, will support at a difficult moment, perhaps, somewhere will correct. She will find proper words which will instill in the spouse confidence that all these problems only temporary that everything will be as it should be. The wife can also give a helpful advice, practically in any situation.

Even those men who laugh at a female intuition are forced to recognize that many women hear the inner voice prompting to them as it is better to arrive.

At last, it is together easier to overcome any barrier or to wait the adverse period. For example, at the husband problems at work began, his earnings were sharply reduced. Or he temporarily became an unemployed. Then, until he settles on the new place, the family can exist at the expense of that income which is gained by the wife.

The wife – mother of children of the husband

Reproduction instinct – one of the strongest. Even many of those men who defy the independence and, like the hero of the old good movie, swear that "to take away easier Bronze Horseman in the REGISTRY OFFICE, than me" secretly dream that they will have children – their flesh and blood, carriers of their surnames and successors. It is possible to adopt, of course, foreign child or to use services of substitute mother. But the child needs both parents, and they have to feel love! Also fatherly protection, the care interfaced to reasonable insistence and maternal tenderness, caress are necessary for him.

Statistical data convincingly demonstrate that many people who received less in the childhood of maternal caress and heat have a number of serious problems, up to mental disorders subsequently.

Therefore it is better not to convince after all himself that the modern man will perfectly do without wife, and to try to find that one and only woman near whom it will want to carry out all life. That girl near whom to the man it will be quiet, warm and cozy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team