Why the woman constantly wants sex

Why the woman constantly wants sex

The sexual inclination is characteristic to both men, and women, but the need for satisfaction at each of floors different. If the woman constantly to strive for love caress, round the clock dreams only of proximity – it can be sign of dissatisfaction, hormonal frustration or a nymphomania.


1. The distinction of sexual needs of the man and woman can lead to big problems. If she wants all the time, and it cannot satisfy this requirement, disagreements will begin once. And then the lady should seek someone elsewhere or to choose other ways of receiving pleasure, and the man can drown in feeling of the inferiority. It is important to learn to balance desires that to both it was comfortable.

2. Excessive desire can arise from dissatisfaction of the lady if she got incomplete feelings. When her body understands that was necessary for completeness of feelings a little more, there is the next desire. It is characteristic to women who are able to test multiple orgasms, to them one final suffices, they are able and want bigger. Internal insatiability passes if the lady during sex experienced all range of positive emotions therefore it is necessary to give it the chance to enjoy process, to make it most filled. After such act the desire passes at several o'clock or even days. Just make sex not fast and frequent, but rare, but very saturated. The man has to pay the maximum attention to emotions of the woman, her sensitivity, then she will leave him alone for some time.

3. Constant excitement can be caused by hormonal differences. It happens after pregnancy, abortions or abortions. If similar things happened, it is necessary to see a doctor and to make tests. Usually hormonal dissatisfaction cannot be sated in any ways. But such state is frequent not to last more than a few months, once you only wait, and everything will pass. During such period it is necessary to teach the woman to be distracted by something else, to switch attention to other objects.

4. The nymphomania or "rage of a uterus" is pathology, but meets very seldom. If the woman during all life always wants pleasures if she is not able to control herself and decides on rash acts, it is worth going to the sexopathologist. Today similar sexual frustration are treated. It is only important to recognize that the problem exists and not to be afraid of communication with the expert.

5. Often desire of the woman can be thought up. Sometimes girls think that the man always wants sex, and women who never refuse are of special value. Because of these beliefs the lady begins to play a role in which represents constant desire. Thus, she tries to show the originality and uniqueness, so, will be appreciated by this man. If it is your case – it is necessary to talk to the partner and to explain that requirements of a strong half of mankind are not always so big that a game and true desire are different things.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team