Why throw mistresses

Why throw mistresses

Position of the mistress is often unenviable, especially if it is about the woman who tries to take away the husband from family. Of course, after parting happens to the man too difficult to return the relations, however if about separation the speech does not go yet, it should be taken into accountit should be taken into account others mistakes and to try not to repeat them.

Why the man can abandon the mistress

High requirements of the woman, her whims and also the "wrong" behavior with people around can become the reason that the man will run away carelessly. If the mistress demands to spend too much time with her, constantly forces to buy expensive things and to make gifts, is capricious, even the most ardent admirer can quickly cool down.

It is especially unpleasant when the woman shows feelings in full view of all, does a set of nonsenses at communication with acquaintances of the lover. It is very relevant if the relations have to remain in secret.

Loss of interest from the man can become one of the reasons of a gap. Over time the first hobby takes place, and the person can understand that his mistress is by no means not so good as it seemed at first. The problem quite often is in the sex which bothered, not giving pleasure, lack of common interests.

Throw also mistresses who prefer to meet several partners at once. The legkomyslenny behavior of the woman, the is higher risk that she will pass for too available. Even if the man is not in love, and it is impossible to call him the owner, he can just be frightened that will get "in an award" some disease.

Why mistresses are thrown for the sake of wives

Situations when men abandon mistresses are much more widespread, without wishing to leave the spouse. Alas, the girls who coveted married do not want it to understand, will not come up against such situation yet.

Even if the man assures that he does not love the wife and there is with her only for the sake of children, because of her health, monetary problems and so forth, it, most likely, no more than just excuses. He lies to you, as well as lies the blessed.

The most widespread mistake of mistresses leading to a gap is an attempt to put the ultimatum. The woman demands that the man left to her the wife or even children, forbids to communicate with them, insists on a divorce. Mistresses who sincerely believe that they will win this situation act often this way. Having faced such pressure, the man runs back to the cozy house with the adjusted life and does not come back any more. At last, even if the man for some time left to the mistress, he can forever throw her on strange, but from it to not less popular reason – because it cannot replace the wife. Any whims, insufficiently well or just unusually adjusted life – serious problems for the man who wants to have a good time with the mistress but not to "get used" to her.

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