Why to you 35 and you are still not married

Why to you 35 and you are still not married

Many women marry very early. And in 25 years manage and at favourite work to go for increase, and to construct family happiness. Some do not manage to meet the man and in 35 years. It is worth understanding the possible reasons of similar bad luck.

The reasons of lack of family happiness at the woman 

The reasons why the woman in 35 years cannot find the man, there is a lot of. However it is possible to distinguish the most often found from them.

Employment in youth

In youth you could be engaged in study and career. Had no time for a marriage. And now all your age-mates already in marriage, well or are divorced. And those who never had by this time the serious and long relations well are rather mediocre persons. So to choose, in general, a little from whom.

Lack of sincere feelings to the young man

You strongly want in marriage. And this desire becomes fixed idea. I.e. it not about the fact that you met the man with whom to you it is together good you love each other and want to start a family. It about the fact that you want in marriage. And for whom? Yes all the same, if only to receive the treasured press in the passport and to walk on the REGISTRY OFFICE in a white dress, and then in a honeymoon trip.

Such relation is felt. The man who faces similar behavior of the woman, understands that it is used, in fact. The indifferent relation pushes away men.

Insufficient love for

Perhaps, you love yourself insufficiently. That you were appreciated by others, it is necessary to solve problems with own underestimated self-assessment. Until you accept yourself, you should not count that you will have good relations with the man which will end with marriage.

You in the long relations, but are not married yet

Perhaps, you already are in the long relations, you even live together several years. But the man "is not ready", "thinks", etc. In this case it is worth understanding that to think and look narrowly permissibly not longer than year. In general all understand some already in few months of meetings.

If passed more than a year, and the man still thinks and tries to understand, the question needs to be raised an edge. If he says that else early, it means that it will never be ready. Quite often the woman living with the man without stamp in the passport considers herself the family person. And here her partner can adhere to other position. Such relations should be stopped, to the man in this case and so well, he does not want to undertake legal responsibility.

You do not want to marry

Sometimes the women who already visited marriage understand as far as the world turns around the man. The spouse can help about the house to the wife. To help, and it means that all life after all lies on the woman's shoulders.

Respectively, after heavy day of work of the spouse has to work, so to speak, in the second change. To cook food, to wash the apartment, to wash clothes. And the man to it, so and to be, will help. The garbage will take out, will wash the dishes. And it is possible that will present it as if made great kindness.

The woman who lives alone spends for life much less resources. Now more often ladies consciously do not marry just because do not wish to invest in homeworks to the maximum, receiving a minimum.

Men's environment

There are men who, for one reason or another, do not want to marry. It is possible that you are in an environment of men with a similar position. In this case it is worth replacing a circle of contacts.

Recommendations to unmarried women

If you any more 35, and do not have the loving man still nearby, you should not despair. First of all it is necessary to understand that goes not so in your situation.

It is important to cease to explain to someone why you are still free. The lack of the fact of a marriage does not make you defective. Especially importunate acquaintances need to be stopped at once. What more you will justify youself, that can suffer bigger pressure from people around. Much like to feel own superiority and if in other parameters they are the loser, the marriage can be used by them as the last trump.

Each woman needs attention from an opposite sex. Therefore you should not stay at home and wait when the prince rides to your house. Go out on dates, expand a circle of contacts (the benefit, there are dating sites). It absolutely does not oblige to anything you. If the meeting goes not in that course, at any time you can interrupt it.

Quite often women are ready to give the not dissipated love, but there is nobody. If you begin to take care of the man, not the fact that he will reciprocate. To it it is necessary to be ready. Therefore give the collected love stock to yourself better (find for yourself time, indulge with something). There are many maiden pleasures which you can independently ensure, without waiting that it will be made by someone.

Find to yourself a hobby which will be able to carry away you really. The life will become rich and interesting, and there will be no time left for sufferings just. Besides the probability to meet the man will increase.

Make the list of the advantages. The in more detail, the better. Such outstanding personality is simply doomed to male attention.

If disturbing thoughts concerning lack of private life do not leave in any way, it is worth addressing the psychologist. The expert will help to change your attitude towards himself and towards the world around.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team