Why wives fool around - the reasons

Why wives fool around - the reasons

According to the developed stereotypes the man has the right for treason, and here the woman is created to be loyal to the only elect to a grave. But in practice there is a miscellaneous, and quite often yesterday's lucky persons are engaged in search of the reason why wives fool around. It is possible to say what put in dissoluteness of certain girls and inability to support of the long-term relations, but most often put absolutely in another.

Why women fool around?

It seems everything is: the house, children, we are well off and did not deprive her of attention why then the wife changed what was not enough for it?, – similar thoughts, unfortunately, not a rarity in families which from outside seemed ideal. So really happens who is guilty of the incident? Let's consider the main reasons why women fool around as the psychology sees them.

  1. Unavailability to family life. Quite often marriage alliance is concluded by absolutely young people, in this case one of partners (and even both) can easily be absolutely unprepared to new life. The girl was not acquired yet, she wants new impressions, and with it in marriage big complexity. As a result everything bothers it, and it goes after portion of new feelings.
  2. Revenge. One of common causes on which women fool around is desire to revenge. Having learned about treason of the spouse, the woman feels small, such emotions demand an exit, and revenge – a great way. Understanding that it will not solve a problem will come then, but so far the offense is strong, the woman quite can arrive in this way.
  3. New love. Over time feelings become dull, and it seems that they are already not so strong, and then the doubt creeps in at all that they ever existed. But desire to keep family (especially if there are children) usually stops the woman from a divorce. In such situation appearance of the man from which presence the heart fights as on the first appointment, can quite become a push for treason. If the woman fell in love, it will be difficult to it to resist temptation, and no duties of the wife and mother will help here.
  4. Problem marriage. Here even to explain why the wife wants to change, it is not necessary if matrimonial life brings some disappointments, then the woman is already subconsciously ready to search of other man.
  5. Lack of sex or attention from the husband. It is possible to tolerate lack of normal intimate life and neglect from the loved one long, but sometime there will occur failure which will lead to treason. Perhaps, the woman will even try to keep family, seeing the ideal father of the children in the husband.
  6. Search of an ideal. From the reasons why wives fool around, the psychology considers not the last the ladies' romantic character forcing to stay constantly in search of the man of a dream. For some term the husband can appear him, but then interest in it is forced out by an ocharovannost other man.
  7. Nymphomania. The disease is quite rare, but completely it is impossible to exclude it from the list of the reasons of adultery. It is necessary to understand that it is valid frustration, but not a female whim.
  8. Self-affirmation. It is no secret that women are more sensitive to age changes, each new wrinkle seriously influences a self-assessment and if the husband at this moment begins to pay less attention, then desire to prove own appeal will become especially strong. Most likely, the woman will try to find the lover in such situation more young than completely to assure herself that she is still beautiful and sexy.

Having considered the reasons of marital infidelity, it becomes clear that completely the blame for offense cannot be cast on one of partners. Treason, men's or women's, is always an indicator of existence of problems in the relations which couple for any reason cannot solve.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team