Why women change. Information for men

Why women change. Information for men

Treason means treachery for any person, he takes it very hard. Understanding that pushes the woman on treason will help to prevent incorrectness.

Women and men differently see some things including on treason. In understanding of the man, treason is a communication physical, in understanding of the woman are emotional communications. Therefore women treat sexual relations with other man, sometimes much more simply apart from that they made something bad. The woman will feel much more guilty if she falls in love with other person even if intimate relationship with him was not.

Banal misunderstanding between partners becomes the reason of women's unfaithfulness. Quite frequent reason of women's unfaithfulness is a low self-assessment, diffidence, fear to grow old. Especially it concerns women to whom for 30. The fact of own beauty and appeal is important for women, already since the childhood of the girl obtained from fairy tales information that princesses, first of all, have to be beautiful, and only then – wise, careful, kind. You pay to the darling as often as possible compliments, estimate her beauty and the personality.

The good way is to take professional pictures of the woman. If you cannot make it independently, address in a photographic studio. The woman will estimate all the beauty only from outside when she sees herself in qualitative and beautiful pictures. If to hang up this photo in a visible place that it was seen by guests of your house, then it will force the woman to have a high opinion on itself and on the beauty.

To understand the reason of women's treason, it is necessary to know the law of psychological treason. According to this law, over time the attention of the partner what it would not be remarkable becomes habitual. We know that our partner loves us, we regularly hear about it, but as there is nothing new and unexpected, it becomes a usual thing, the person just ceases to react to it properly.

The attention from other person becomes more unexpected, is perceived much more emotionally. It can be compared to gifts for birthday: if to ask something concrete, then the gift will be, of course, pleasant, but will give less joy, than an unexpected surprise. Even if this surprise will be not absolutely what is necessary. Therefore it is important to men to know that it is necessary to bring in the attention a little surprise and novelty. It does not mean that it is necessary to work from the return and to abuse the woman, it is necessary to find those lines for which you very seldom praise her.

Present to the woman unexpected gifts, be spontaneous as women in men very strongly appreciate it. If you live together for many years and for a long time forgot what is romanticism, that time to refresh the relations, invite it to an appointment, make some pleasant surprise. It will bring a lot of positive experiences to both of you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team