Why women complain of the men all the time

Why women complain of the men all the time

Practically each girl has a girlfriend who all the time for something complains, for small salary, disobedient children, the high prices, bad weather and other. Special chapter in the list of female complaints is occupied by claims to the husband who does not help at home, earns a little, spends much time with friends and so on. Why there are these complaints?

The behavior created in the childhood

In most of families it is so made that mother constantly abuses the father, for good reason and just like that, on a habit, the grandmother makes a claim to the grandfather, the neighbor constantly quarrels with the husband. The girl, seeing such relations between adults, accurately form the scenario according to which her future family life will develop. Since the childhood the woman realizes: if not to abuse the man, then the relations will develop somehow incorrectly.

To level life on TV series

Modern cinema offers the mass of movies in which the man thinks of the woman very much, in every possible way cares and cherishes, loads with presents gifts and other. Young girls subconsciously wait to the similar relation. But, unfortunately, it meets only at cinema. In real life it is hardly possible to meet such understanding man. Having simulated itself the ideal family relations on the basis of the melodrama, the girl, naturally, is disappointed in the relations and begins to train the husband slowly. And in case of refusal the spouse from the chosen behavioural line, runs to tell girlfriends about his otioseness at once.

Discontent with the life

Girls who are dissatisfied with the work a figure, children, the relations in collective and we designate, try to vent discontent on the partner, considering that he is that person who has to make happy them. On the personal, household or labor way the woman will write off all the failures for the wrong man.

Desire to be heard

Complaints by phone, posts on social networks, a sincere talk with girlfriends and neighbors - sometimes the only way to make oneself heard to people around and to hear from them a practical advice concerning private or family life. But hardly someone from strangers will be able to advise something efficient therefore all the problems need to be solved in a narrow circle the family.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team