Why you chose each other

Why you chose each other

Riddle why we choose from a great number of potential partners that only thing. Scientists have several explanations why so occurs.

For the last millennia the nature of the choice of the partner not especially changed. Women still are guided by the social status of the man, and man in turn - on physical appeal and the woman's youth.

But on the other hand, many scientists consider that now social, but not bioloichesky prerequisites play a crucial role in formation of couple. Women and the truth first of all pay attention to what status in society is played by the man, but only until business qualities of the woman are not encouraged. As soon as it occurs, women look already at physical appeal, youth and personal qualities too.

In modern society both partners work, forming the general budget. It is good to prepare and erase ability does not play a crucial role, as last century any more. This example clearly demonstrates as cultural norms in society change and as they influence what we consider or do not consider attractive.

One of the factors influencing emergence of mutual sympathy is an opportunity to see constantly each other. Of course, cases when such proximity provoked the conflicts and quarrels are known to all of us, but it is rather an exception to the rules. Continuous contact is the reason of so frequent novels at work or during study. Constant communication flows at first in friendship, and then is frequent in the romantic relations.

Also important role is played by physical appeal. Each person has concepts beauty which are partly dictated by the standards reigning in society. But nevertheless special preferences are given to any given type at the subconscious level. If the person to us is nice, we seek to get acquainted with him closer and by that to finish a portrait to understand as far as it is similar to our ideal.

Personal qualities are especially appreciated in the partner. Ability to listen, kindness, attentiveness often are decisive arguments at assessment ""it is pleasant - it is not pleasant"".

And, at last, similar traits of character or appearance are assessed by us positively. We are attracted by those who are similar to us. Often it is simpler to communicate with such person, he as if speaks with us one language. Besides, thus we sovershit psychological transfer. We think: ""This person is beautiful, he is very similar to me. Means, I am beautiful too."" And who does not want to be beautiful?

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team