Why your partners behave aggressively?

Why your partners behave aggressively?

Each of us dreams to find to himself ""half"" to liking, but often is so that the relations do not develop, joint life becomes intolerable, between you and your elect quarrels break out and the hostility sets in. What's the reason? Bad partners come across to us? We are not able to choose? Or the reasons of failures in private life root in ourselves?

Psychologists say that the discomfort reasons in the relations, first of all, root in depth of our mentality. And the relation of partners - only reflection of our own problems. What do we attract ""bad"", aggressive partners with? Take a closer look at how you behave. In your behavior there is an aggression? Do you use obscene language? Are always convinced of own correctness, you do not recognize mistakes? Do you look for an occasion that ""to break the evil"" on someone? Got used ""to press"" on people, trying to obtain the? Do not you shun small blackmail, intimidation? Are inclined to accuse people of far-fetched and real sins? Can you" "in a fit of temper"" offend the person? Got used to criticize others, and in your view of the person who gave a weak point the evil irony hid? Do you adore putting all into place, to feel superiority? Be sure: two types of people will interfere in your life: aggressors and liars.

The aggressive man with strong power will win your heart and a body, at the beginning you will think that its aggression - the normal phenomenon and if you ""correctly to behave"", then aggression will not concern you. It is self-deception. Usually the relations between such people come to an end sadly: disgusting scandals, and at times and manhandling.

Weaker and less aggressive partner will not attack you with fists, but will lie continually, to start behind the back of an affair and eventually you will understand what near you the unreliable, false person who is ready to use you and to betray at the first opportunity. If you want to change the life, begin with yourself. Get rid of aggression. Trainings, good impressions, communication with good people, lonely walks - all this will help to get rid of a negative. Fill the life with positive emotions, positive impressions. Remove from your life contacts with aggressive people, or with those who provoke you to aggression. Neither in the house, nor in an environment there should not be abusive words - do not litter own space. The aggression - is similar to spiritual rust or a sincere disease therefore you can be helped by the psychologist - do not neglect the help of professionals. Analyze own fears: from where in you does the suspiciousness, hostility towards people around undertake? Perhaps, you should refuse ""small pleasures"" in the form of the online games provoking irritation, Internet forums with heated discussion of provocative subjects, alcohol. But, losing these ""dopings"", you will become quieter, more self-assured, so - to you the fact that it is necessary for you will be attracted: the benevolent partner with whom you will manage to create normal, not distorted by aggression, the relations. Refusing doubtful pleasures, you get much more - the reliable person nearby, and the most important - find yourself, in new quality.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team