You grow old? It is a lie! If you are afraid of an old age, then you should be afraid that process will even more be aggravated with the disturbing thoughts, having caused negative thoughts and negative mood. Time showed that those who are young at heart, usually young also a body look much more effectively and more beautifully. 

It is only worth telling that it - only the wrong judgments which can be eliminated with usual psychological exercise.

This exercise was used by yogas from the Far East where meditation methods are very widespread.

We choose a convenient pose (lying or sitting) and we begin to breathe rhythmical deep breath, lasting about 3-4 minutes.

Data of a method:

  • you need to believe in this exercise that it will help you to return youth
  • big concentration which is reached with will and belief is required
  • choose a convenient pose (sitting or lying) and you begin to breathe deeply (rhythmically)
  • visually you cause the person (as you look at the moment)
  • at the same time you cause the person what you were 15-20 years ago and you impose on a modern portrait
  • by relaxation, but holding portraits, you have to change visually faces as a result of what your younger portrait is displayed
  • continue to breathe, but contemplation of your beautiful young face continues some more minutes.

Approximate phrases:

  • "I will never grow old"
  • "In any years I will look also beautifully"
  • "Nothing will prevent me to be such always"
  • "I will always be young"
  • "I will always have such young age"
  • "Beauty and youth are I"

This method is based on people's psychology which influences an emotional and spiritual condition of the person at which correct contents the organism cannot just grow old! Exercise perfectly stimulates nervous system, causing inflow of forces which have the rejuvenating effect.

The method is only the beginning of your spiritual embodiment then it will be necessary to take care of the own life more fixedly, that is to pay the attention to positive sides own I.

The first - learn to love yourself. Find the positive sides and an akcentriruyta the attention only to them. It can be both internal qualities, and your appearance. Be able to praise yourself mentally for these data, rejoice that they are and will be. Buy to yourself more often gifts which will constantly please you. It is a good incentive, and all set is prevention against various stresses of modern life.

If you - a sports constitution then you like to be engaged in physical activities, so do not forget about sport, practising favourite hobby more often. Try to be more often on a fresh vodukh, even for 5 minutes if work does not allow to find more time for walks. And the last - try to get enough sleep because a dream - one of the main factors of our life giving the chance to our organism to restore the natural forces.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team