10 points which everyone who is engaged in run has to know

10 points which everyone who is engaged in run has to know

Run is one of the most available sports. To begin to run, it isn't necessary to have the certain physical training or the expensive equipment at all. Several councils for those who run or only want to begin.

1.     Selection of shock-absorbing footwear. It is very important to pick up the correct sneakers intended for run. If to run in inconvenient or wrong footwear, then, as a result, in half a year of the joint pain and deformation of foot.

2.     To study and apply technology of run. Without conforming to certain rules it is possible to exhaust very quickly itself, and then all desire and motivation to run will be gone.

3.     Begin with small. If to begin to run in the mornings difficult, then it is just necessary to begin from 15-30 minute walking with the fast pace. Over time increasing pace and distance, in two weeks it is possible to pass to run quietly.

4.     In the summer before run it is necessary to drink 1 liter of water, in the winter – 2 liters. It will allow to include the zhiroszhiganiye and secretion of necessary hormones.

5.     Before run it is necessary to do necessary warm-up. It is necessary to knead feet, sural, knees, the basin and the backbone.

6.     During run it is necessary to watch closely the road, it will allow to avoid unpleasant situations or injuries. It is better not to run in vacuum earphones.

7.     During run it is important to be pleasant to itself therefore it is necessary to select not only comfortable footwear, but also beautiful clothes.

8.     Run in crowded places. It will give more motivation as at once how people look is felt. Running in full view of all, you are for them the example, and own self-assessment increases.

9.     At the initial stage it is better to use the pulsator. If pulse at normal pace 150-170 then to run still early, it is better to begin with fast walking.

10. Be persistent, purposeful and betrayed to what you do. Never give up, it wasn't kind of difficult and kind of there was no wish to get up in the morning and to run. The sport is the choice strong.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team