3 simple exercises for hips and buttocks

3 simple exercises for hips and buttocks

There is always a wish to look good! If you want to have the tightened figure by summer, then it is necessary to work already now. It is worth beginning with the most problem zones, that is with hips and buttocks.

It is required to you

  • Rubber elastic roller.


1. The first exercise is called ""Walks at the intersection"". To perform this exercise, the rubber elastic roller is required. Get up on the middle of bandage so that legs were shoulder width apart. It needs to be crossed and pulled so that the center of crossing was by all means at the level of knees. In such situation begin to take steps. Take 10 such steps. During performance of this exercise the elastic roller has to be tense all the time. There is enough 2-3 approaches.

2. The following exercise is ""Invisible Fence"". For performance of this exercise it is necessary to present the fence. At first present that it faces directly you. Raise one leg so highly how many you can, and step through the barrier. Now think that you need to get through under the invisible fence. Home position: bending forward with the direct back in the half-squat. One leg take the step aside then ""dive under"" the obstacle. Do this exercise on 10 times on each party.

3. The last exercise is called ""The fire hydrant"". Receive the home position: get up on all fours so that the back was parallel to the floor. Further it is necessary to raise one leg and to take it aside by 90 degrees. In such situation the bent leg spin in air. After spun, slowly unbending the leg, straighten it. Further repeat everything again: tighten the working leg to the stomach, bending it in the knee. So make 10 times, then change the leg. At the end of exercise performance you will feel that all hip is in tension.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team