6 simple exercises for pulling up of the stomach and buttocks

6 simple exercises for pulling up of the stomach and buttocks

The physical education in the pool is useful both to health, and to maintenance of the figure, but, alas, not everyone can go to the pool. Therefore for such people there is "the dry swimming". In other words, it is such exercises which imitate movements of the swimmer. By means of them it is possible to tighten the belt and buttocks, and also to strengthen the waist.


1. So, the first exercise is called frog legs. For its performance we become directly, we develop shoulders, we put hands on the belt. Now we put legs together, having connected heels. Socks should be parted as it is possible more widely. In such situation we begin to squat slowly. Knees should be parted as it is possible more widely, at this trunk shouldn't bend. Too deeply it isn't necessary to squat in this exercise. Do 3 such approaches till 15-20 of squats.

2. The following exercise - take-off sideways. We get up the left side to the wall, we obpiratsya by the left hand about it. The right leg it is necessary to raise and develop it outside. Then we bend it in the knee and we lift up, without developing the sock inside then we straighten it the heel forward down and sideways as if you want to make a start from the invisible support. Most it is necessary to do also with other leg. We do 2 approaches on each leg on 15 times.

3. Grebki standing. Home position: legs shoulder width apart, arms on hips. Now it is necessary to bend forward, then to extend hands then it is necessary to part them with palms in the parties as if you row in water. After this grebk it is necessary to become straight, bend hands in elbows and to press to the trunk. In other words to be prepared for the following grebk. When you do the fungus, try to do it with the force, strain hands. Do 2 approaches on 20 times.

4. The 4th exercise - the frog up the stomach. For its performance it is necessary to sit down on the floor and to obperetsya on hands or elbows, legs need to be extended before themselves, heels too, and to develop socks. We do exercise: sitting in the home position, we begin to tighten slowly legs to ourselves so that heels were dragged on the floor, at the same time socks and knees have to be most divorced in the parties. After you made this movement, it is necessary to straighten legs in the parties and to try to tear off the foot from the floor. Then just connect them together and return to the home position. Do such frog of 15 times 3 approaches.

5. Squat with hands. Home position: legs shoulder width apart, socks are slightly divorced, and hands are lowered. We squat and at the same time we raise hands through the parties. We rise and lower hands, pressing to the trunk. During performance of this exercise it is necessary to breathe correctly. On the squat - the breath, on rising - the exhalation. Do such squats on 3 approaches of 15 times.

6. Well, and the last exercise is the eight legs. I think, it is known to much. We lay down on the back, we press hands to sides. We raise legs, we straighten them and we begin to describe the eight legs. Legs have to be cramped together all the time, but not dangle in the different parties. When made one eight, return to the home position and begin to draw it again. Do so 20 times on 2 approaches. When it becomes easy for you to perform this exercise, it is possible to complicate a little it, that is to write out not on 1 eight for time, and on some. I wish you good luck!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team