7 exercises of yoga for the sound and healthy sleep

7 exercises of yoga for the sound and healthy sleep

The daily stress and haste peculiar to the modern person, can lead to sleep disorders sooner or later. At difficulties of falling asleep it is possible to try to hold evening sessions of yoga, including in them the number of special asanas.

Why the sleep is interrupted

First of all it should be notedit should be noted that it is necessary to show consideration for the health and to try to find the cause of insomnia. If along with it you observe other symptoms disturbing you, it is necessary to see the doctor since it is possible that sleep disorders are connected with diseases.

Improper feeding, in particular – abundance of greasy and heavy food before going to bed is one more common cause. Try to include more easy products in the evening diet: fresh vegetables, boiled or stewed light meat of the bird, kefir. Besides, it isn't necessary to have supper directly before going to bed, let's the organism have a rest and digest food a little.

If problems are connected with the life rhythm – with haste, stresses and emotional pressure, then evening lessons yoga and meditation will help to adjust the healthy sleep.

The beginner can even cope with the complex of evening asanas, the main thing is not to allow discomfort during their performance, to listen to itself and the body. If it is at first heavy, reduce the number of repetitions. Don't use great efforts, perform tasks smoothly and slowly, sound sleep will follow the yoga session executed with pleasure and without tension.

What asanas should be included in evening occupation

It is desirable that the room for occupations was tidied up that nothing distracted attention. It is necessary to air in advance the room as fresh air is the important part of the successful session of yoga. In advance prepare the bed for sleeping that after the occupation and the evening shower at once to go to bed.

  • At first it is necessary to weaken the mind and the body. And the best asana for this purpose – Padmasana, or the lotus pose. For the beginner the pose of the lotus can turn out too difficult therefore it is possible to replace it with the semi-lotus or just any convenient sedentary pose with the direct back. Watch the feelings, find situation in which you won't feel discomfort. In the found comfortable pose you breathe, deeply and exactly, the couple of minutes. Try not to be distracted by foreign thoughts. It is possible to turn on the special music or sounds for meditation.
  • Further follows Ardh Matsiyendrasan I, or twisting. Straighten both legs, the back direct. Get used to feelings a little, then bend the left leg so that the gastrocnemius muscle "stuck" to the hip, the knee on the floor. Foot is extended and pressed by the back to the floor. Bend the right leg in the knee and get it for the left leg, pressing to outer side of the left anklebone. Put the left hand on the knee, right for the back and smoothly turn to the right. Be late in this situation on 4-5 dykhaniye. Repeat to the left side.
  • Following it is possible to make Pashchimottanasanu-bendings We sit directly, legs are extended forward, socks in the tone and last on themselves. Having extended from the hip joint and having extended the backbone, smoothly we fall down, clasping with foot hands. The main thing in this exercise is not to bend the back! Nothing terrible if you can't low bend, the main thing is to observe the proper technique. It is necessary to seek to press to legs the stomach, but not the breast. We keep the provision of bending of 4-5 dykhaniye.
  • Further Apanasana-knees to the breast in the prone position follows. Lay down on the back, extend legs. With the breath bend one leg and press it to the breast, be late for several seconds and with the exhalation return the leg on the floor. Repeat on other party. You don't hurry, observe slow pace and you monitor breath. Make 3-4 repetitions on each leg. Then – press both legs to the breast and be late in this pose on 4-5 dykhaniye.
  • Supt Baddh Konasan, or the pose of the butterfly, will become excellent continuation of the previous asana. From the back-lying position we connect feet together, densely we press them to each other and we tighten most close to the crotch, and we lower knees most low to the floor, but without tension and discomfort. We are late in this asana on 4-5 dykhaniye. We leave it carefully – slowly we cramp knees, we straighten legs.
  • Smoothly we pass into the pose the child – Balasana. Slowly sit down on knees, press feet to hips. Bend forward, having put the forehead on the floor. Hands can be extended forward, or to take away back and to put on each side from the case palms up. Exactly and quietly we breathe in this pose of 5-6 dykhaniye.
  • Shavasana is the finishing pose for the majority of complexes of asanas, this relaxing exercise. Lay down on the back. Legs shoulder width apart, hands are slightly stretched in different directions. Try to find the most comfortable position, you shouldn't feel any unpleasant feelings. Close eyes. Relax all muscles of the body, the face. You breathe quietly and exactly, at habitual pace. Carry out in the shavasena of 5-10 minutes. It is necessary to leave her very smoothly: to move fingers on hands, then – standing. To stretch hands up. Then smoothly to turn over on the right side, having bent legs and hands. Without opening eyes, to sit down slowly in any comfortable position. To sit several minutes and to smoothly open eyes.

This list of asanas is the recommendation which can adhere, and it is possible to arrange under the body. Attentively to it listen and make the individual complex of evening asanas.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team