7 reasons to begin to play sports

7 reasons to begin to play sports

If you dream to play sports, but everything can't overcome laziness or other factors in any way, you should learn about several very powerful pluses of physical exercises. Why the sport is so useful to us?


The most important and powerful reason to start occupations is our health. Active blood circulation in vessels during physical exercises helps to adjust functioning of our cardiovascular system, to strengthen vessels, to normalize pressure and to prevent formation of blood clots. Sports activities is the best prevention of heart diseases and headaches. Already in few months of occupations the people with meteodependence begin to feel much better during pressure difference periods.


Sport in combination with the diet and the healthy lifestyle – best "plastic surgeon" and "cosmetologist". Exercises allow to remove extra kilos and centimeters, and that whom excess weight doesn't disturb help to get more attractive, tightened and sports figure. Besides, active saturation of cages oxygen during exercise stresses allows to get rid of problems with face skin.


Strengthening of vessels and blood circulation affect not only our health, but also our mental abilities. Surprisingly, but during run the number of the neurons coming to neural network in our brain considerably increases. Therefore, at regular physical exercises the memory which is the important factor of any training is found.

Good mood

Exercise stresses are originally perceived by our organism as the stress therefore it will secrete protein of BDNF and endorphin to fight against these loadings and to reduce fatigue and sensations of pain. After the end of the training these substances some time continue to work and do us happier.

Resistance to stress

The sport is the most effective way to increase the level of the vital forces and with ease to overcome all difficulties. This best occupation in fight against chronic fatigue and the depression.

Healthy sleep

Resistance to stress and the increased content of endorphins normalize one more important process – our dream. Athletes sleep stronger than other people, fall asleep quicker and less often have insomnia and nightmares.


Beautiful figure, good health, endurance, resistance to stress – what else is necessary to believe in itself? Regular trainings by sport help to try to obtain desirable heights not only in the field of physical exercises, but also in everyday life, and all this thanks to the improving self-assessment. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team