About advantage of morning jogs

About advantage of morning jogs

Morning jog well influences the human body. Such jog improves the immune system, loads with energy, trains the respiratory system and endurance. After the long trainings it is possible to notice that the figure became tightened, and gait more attractive and elastic.

According to doctors, run well influences the organism, strengthens respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Thanks to jog, lungs are cleaned. Run is useful also to children as it interferes with the rachiocampsis. Thanks to morning jogs the good health of all organism increases, there are forces, and less fatigue is felt. Of course, the laziness will wake up and go at first to run, but over time the organism gets used, and any loading will be in joy. Most of people want to begin to run in the mornings, but don't know what to begin with and therefore shelve it. Than to stay at home, idly, it is necessary just to begin to run in any free time, and already after a while you will notice improvement in all body. If alone it is boring to run, then take friends or acquaintances. It is the one jog best to choose clothes from cotton or woolen fabric, depending on weather conditions. Sneakers need to be put on with socks to avoid natiraniye. It is the best of all to choose socks from natural fabric. In the winter surely put on the cap and gloves which will save you from overcooling and chapping. After jog it is desirable to take the heat weakening bath. It is possible to run in the square, the park or on the forest footpath, in any place where there are no cars, and air clean, fresh.

It isn't obligatory to run every day. It is possible to run 3 times a week, 30 minutes. Try to begin to run, noting time on the stop watch. Surely make small warm-up before run. Begin to run on average pace minute, and then go the usual step of minute two. Every other time increase jog time. Remember that run has to be weakening. It is the best of all not to do abrupt movements or jumps. At jogs the speed doesn't matter, it not competitions. After several jogs it will be necessary to measure or find the track in 100 meters where it is possible to begin to run on speed. Before the finish begin to stop, and go to start by the slow step. And so repeat several times. 

That's all basic rules of jog. In it there is nothing difficult. Run, train, strengthen immunity and improve health, and, above all, derive from it pleasure.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team