Advantage and harm of jumps with the jump rope

Advantage and harm of jumps with the jump rope

In the easiest house way to work all groups of muscles, at the same time training the cardiovascular and respiratory system, rope jumping is. This sports equipment is often used for accelaration of metabolism, acceleration of process of weight loss and the training of coordination, but at the same time not all know that exercises on the jump rope have the number of serious contraindications.

In the talk about trainings with the jump rope some people absolutely in vain draw to themselves the fancy of the girl with the bow jumping through the string. The jump rope – indispensable attribute of intensive trainings of professional athletes and, being full-fledged sport, demands to himself the most serious relation.

Advantage of jumps with the jump rope

The high efficiency of trainings in which rope jumping is involved consists in serious study of large groups of muscles: sural, buttock, back, prelum abdominale, shoulder girdle and hands. Besides, jumps promote development of the correct posture, train agility, flexibility and sense of equilibrium.

Pleasant bonus, along with strengthening of the muscular corset, is the active zhiroszhiganiye: in only 10 minutes of the training the organism spends about 116 kilocalories. Comparison – to burn the same number of calories, requires more than 1.5 hours of fast walking or run on the distance more than 7 km.

Also indisputable advantage of similar exercises is the good training of the cardiac muscle and lungs, blood circulation stimulation, neutralization of manifestations of cellulitis. Rope jumping can be included in the circuit training allowing to unite harmoniously the aerobic and power loadings promoting acquisition of beautiful outlines of the body.

Contraindications of jumps with the jump rope

It is important not to forget that exercises with the jump rope belong to high-intensity types of trainings therefore it isn't recommended to be engaged on the full stomach, during critical days, when developing the headache or other easy indispositions.

Owners of the big breast and women of advanced age are recommended to pay special attention to clothes for sport since vigorous jumps can adversely affect the form of the bust and appearance of the skin losing the natural elasticity.

Categorically the people having the excess weight exceeding norm on 15-20 kg and having diseases of the cardiovascular system shouldn't be fond of exercises with the jump rope. Trainings at diseases of the backbone, joints, varicosity, pregnancy, migraines, the hypertension are also inadmissible.

Precautionary measures

That rope jumping did good to health and beauty, it is necessary to observe simple recommendations:

  • don't forget about the warming up before the training and pick up the jump rope according to the growth;
  • don't jump barefoot to avoid the accidental leg injury;
  • it is important to women to pick up the correct equipment which is well supporting the breast during jumps;
  • if classes are in house conditions, then you shouldn't jump on the bare floor, pick up the convenient rug softening jumps;
  • during landing fall by the front part of foot, don't land on heels or on all foot;
  • you hold legs slightly bent in knees, practice fast and high bounces;
  • be not engaged in too free clothes in which edges the jump rope can get confused.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team