Advantage of walking for health

Advantage of walking for health

Walking is the ideal way to improve the form and to restore health. This type of the exercise stress is absolutely safe and has practically no contraindications, at the same time there is no need to acquire special equipment or to make great efforts. Walking is one of the most available types of physical activity.

Thanks to walking the general condition of the organism and work of its separate systems improves:

  • the immunity increases;
  • bone tissue to become is stronger, and muscles are stronger and more elastic;
  • arterial blood pressure is stabilized;
  • the dream is normalized;
  • the risk of the diseases connected with the cardiovascular system decreases;
  • fat deposits are burned;
  • the appetite improves;
  • the body tone raises;
  • the bearing improves, some problems with the backbone leave.

Recommendations to daily walking

Even custom daily walking assumes the correct approach. The proper technique of walking does similar loadings to more effective:

  • To minimize use of the elevator, it is better to carry out descent and rise on steps.
  • To use additional loading. Usual packages or bags can act as burdenings, but weight has to be distributed evenly on both hands. Perfectly the convenient backpack will be suitable for these purposes.
  • To exercise in the choice of the place for walks judgment. The forest belt, the avenue in the park, far from tracks and roads will be the best decision.
  • It is necessary to take care of good ergonomic footwear and comfortable clothes.
  • It is necessary to use services of transport less. You shouldn't refuse all vehicles, it is possible just to come to one-two stoppages

Proper technique of walking

  • The most preferable and effective is fast walking, and for obtaining the maximum result in day it is necessary to give it not less than half an hour. Right at the beginning fast walking can last about 10 minutes.
  • As for speed, pace during which breath slightly gets off is considered sufficient. Speed during which the person without otdyshka, excess efforts and halts can talk is considered ideal pace.
  • Musical rhythmical maintenance is welcomed, and at the same time it is better to refuse phone conversations – it will prevent the correct breath, and, as a result, forces will quicker end.
  • During fast walking it is necessary to watch step length. Many make the howler, for acceleration taking the step is wider. Similar actions can lead to various injuries and problems with health. The usual gait at faster pace will be much more effective, muscles, but not joints and bones will be loaded so.

How many to go?

By scientists it is proved that in day it is necessary to pass on average 8 km. For tracking quantity of the passable way it is necessary to use the pedometer. It is possible to buy the special device or to install the application on phone. The second option is more preferable as the majority of applications except the passable distance is counted by the number of the burned calories. Similar calculations can act as the incentive. They can be compared with the number of the eaten calories.

The mentioned figure of 8 km is the general passable distance in the day. It is slightly less than a half or even the half of people passes during performance of ordinary affairs. Here everything depends on pace and the way of life. The most active and mobile people in the day pass norm almost completely without any special walks or trainings.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team