Aerobics: 4 simple steps to weight loss

Aerobics: 4 simple steps to weight loss

House occupations aerobics - the great way to become more harmonious. But you remember that intensive exercise stresses are contraindicated at heart diseases, vegeto-vascular dystonia, obesity. Therefore if you have chronic diseases, before the trainings consult to the doctor.

Aerobics - what is it

The aerobics is the complex of the physical exercises directed to weight reduction. It is cardioloading which helps to burn fat quickly. The majority of aerobic exercises is made standing that isn't really useful for people with elevated pressure. But there are complexes which are carried out sitting and lying. They aren't less effective and available practically to all.

Aerobic occupations are divided into four complexes - for shoulders, hands, the breast, for the waist and sides, for buttocks and for legs. It is possible to choose the necessary complex and to pay it special attention, and to carry out the others for the general physical development.

It is better to begin trainings with video lessons. Skilled coaches will tell how it is correct to move and breathe.

Aerobics - how to be engaged at home

For experienced athletes it is possible to make the plan of aerobic loading. And here beginners should try. What it is necessary to know about trainings? First, at the beginning there is always the warm-up. It takes 5-7 percent of time of the training. On warm-up the easy not fast exercises helping "to disperse" blood, to prepare the body for intensive loadings are done. On major activity 40 percent of time are found for the chosen set of exercises on different groups of muscles. The training comes to the end with the hitch. It is the extension and relaxation which will help to avoid muscle pain after the training. The second that it is necessary to know about the training - to lose weight, it is necessary to give classes every other day. If to train more often, muscles will intensively grow, and excess fat will be processed more slowly. Also for weight loss occupations lasting not less than 45 minutes are effective. The third - aerobic complexes can be alternated. When the body moves not in the habitual rhythm, for commission of movements the efforts are used, excess fat leaves rather.

For house occupations aerobics get the rubber rug. Otherwise legs will slide on the carpet or the parquet, it is possible to rasyatyanut sheaves.

Aerobics for elderly

Special attention should be paid to aerobics for elderly people. This separate direction of trainings which are directed to increase in the physical activity. The movement in complexes soft, there are a lot of exercises which need to be done sitting or lying. This gymnastics will increase vitality, will make the course of chronic diseases easier, will help digestive process, etc. At the same time there are no strong loadings, you shouldn't be afraid of deterioration in health.

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