All about bodybuilding: program of trainings

All about bodybuilding: program of trainings

As well as in the case with many other types of sport, occupation bodybuilding demand the serious responsible approach. Wishing to achieve goals, you have to choose the correct program of trainings and also consider the important additional points.

It is required to you

  • - subscription to the gym;
  • - individual program of trainings.


1. Having decided to do bodybuilding, first of all be defined what program of trainings is necessary to you. If you the beginner, it is necessary to master the introduction set of exercises about any specialization there can't be also the speech yet. Surely carry out warm-up – so you will prepare muscles for more serious loadings. Push-ups, squats, pullings up on the horizontal bar, pumping of the press rise and lowering of the trunk in the prone position – these and other exercises can enter your warm-up.

2. If you the beginner, don't seek to perform by all means exercises on all attendees in the gym exercise machines and apparatuses. Ask your coach to make for you the individual program of trainings taking into account your physiological features and the objects set by you.

3. From the first trainings you watch technology of performance of exercises, focus attention on each movement. The program of trainings for the beginning bodybuilders assumes preparation of muscles and also studying the technology of performance of exercises. Be not engaged with too big scales, don't try to work to the full. Your task in the first months of trainings – studying technical aspect of exercises and preparation for more serious loadings.

4. If you already passed the preparatory stage, can choose the basic program of trainings. This complex isn't intended for any specific goal, at its performance you will evenly gain weight and to train muscles. This program is suitable for the athletes having experience of half a year.

5. Ask your coach to make for you the basic program of trainings, according to your physiological features. The exercises entering it have to be various, directed to pumping of various parts of the body: muscles of legs and back, shoulders and breast, hands and press. Most often the basic training includes such exercises as: the bench press, the french press, the vertical press with use of the block exercise machine, squat with the post, stanovy draft, the training of bicepses on Scott's bench, draft of the post in the inclined position, shrugs, etc.

6. In order to avoid adaptation of your organism to certain loadings or for the profound training of specific group of muscles periodically you make changes to the basic program. Replace exercises similar or add (reduce) the number of exercises by separate groups of muscles.

7. Choosing the program of trainings for the set of weight, consider that here not only exercises, but also food and restoration are important. Programs for the set of weight are calculated for three days of trainings. Performing exercises, don't forget to alternate their loading and intensity. You watch that your food was balanced and at it in enough there were proteins, fats and carbohydrates. It is possible to choose the special sports food intended especially for bodybuilders.

8. Begin the training on the set of weight with general exercises. Pick up the concrete complex considering your opportunities and physiological features. Take the break between approaches – not less than two-four minutes, depending on complexity of the performed exercises. Consider that the program for the set of weight has to change periodically. The main exercises in this training are squats with the post, stanovy draft and the barbell bench press. Besides, have to enter the program: the french press, shrugs, pullings up on the horizontal bar, push-ups on bars, occupations on the Roman chair, etc.

9. Wishing to pick up the set of exercises for giving to relief muscles, consider that such trainings have to include the large number of repetitions. Such high-intensity training will help you to burn more calories. Combine power loadings with aerobic, for example, three days a week you can carry out the power training, two days – aerobic (run, occupations not the exercise bike, walking).

10. Having picked up the individual complex of trainings on the relief, don't forget that the pause between approaches has to be minimum. This program has to include such exercises as: the barbell bench press, the french press, stanovy draft, pullings up, occupations on the Roman chair, squats with the post, etc. Surely you watch your food, at it there has to be enough protein, and here fats should be limited, on the contrary.

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