Ancient games: the competition on chariots

Ancient games: the competition on chariots

All know that history of sport originates from antiquity. Of course, sports meets had enormous differences from present and games were others. Certainly, some sports exist and now, but they are finished and improved. But is also such which forever remained in the past.

It is considered that mother of sport is Ancient Greece. In this country the well-known Olympic Games which are still main competition of world athletes began. Exactly here very interesting and fascinating chariots races were created.

This type of the competition - one of the most popular not only in Greece, but also at other people, for example, Romans. It were the most important and important competitions among all others, and especially horse. All looked forward to the chariots race at the games in the Olympus. However, there were also other, more popular competitions connected with track and field athletics.

What did these chariots races and what rules existed consist in? Chariots, upryazhenny two horses, sometimes four participated in these competitions. In them not only adult individuals of horses, but also little stallions could compete, only for them there were separate competitions. There were also such races where not horses, but mules participated, and instead of the chariot used carts. As all understand, there was the budgetary option for the simple people.

Competitions took place in several runs. In Greece one run, or the running, consisted of twelve circles, these are about nine miles. And in Rome the quantity of circles was reduced to seven that there was the opportunity to carry out more runs. Naturally, slaves operated teams, but the prize was received by the owner of the chariot. So occurred in Ancient Greece, and in Ancient Rome everything was frankly, the one who operated horses was considered as the winner.

In general Ancient Rome, in this sport, succeeded in this plan more. Soon exactly there began to use any mechanical devices, for example, mechanisms to counting of circles, or start gates. All this was created in order that the racer didn't consider itself circles, and focused on the victory therefore it obviously facilitated the race.

It is necessary to tell that not everyone but only very wealthy people could participate in competitions of this look. In those days, in Ancient Greece and in Ancient Rome to have the chariot with horses was expensive pleasure. Moreover and horses have to be strong, healthy and thoroughbred. But business even not in horses, and in the vehicle. Participants not just bought or did the regular chariot, and they surely decorated it, painted in gold colors. It is worth noticing that not the one who will quicker reach and at whom the chariot is more beautiful and richer was the predominating task.

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