Anuloma of a vilom: internal harmony and health through breath"

Anuloma of a vilom: internal harmony and health through breath"

Anuloma-Viloma (Nadia Shodhana) — respiratory practice in yoga which promotes cardinal change of your life. The effect can be surprising: increase in intelligence, tranquility finding, neutralization of negative thoughts, improvement of an organism.

Short description

This pranayama is breathing exercise. Thanks to such equipment, channels on which there is a movement of vital energy are cleaned. Also the body is cleaned from garbage, dirt, zastoyev, a negative. By means of Anuloma-Viloma the important vital energy collects.

Anuloma-Viloma — serial breath by nostrils. It is recommended to do exercise before practice of asanas or meditation sitting. By means of such gymnastics the channels of energy passing on an organism are stimulated. In the person either the right hemisphere of a brain, or left operates. The considered pranayama cleans mind and stimulates the right and left channels of energy so that they were balanced.

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There is a lot of different pranayam. But this respiratory practice is very simple. Therefore it is easy for people who only began work on themselves to carry out it.

Important! When performing the equipment it is very important to remember that Anuloma-Viloma — exercise, and deep spiritual work is not simple.

Hatha yoga and Kriya-yoga

Anuloma-Viloma of a pranayam is two types:

  • The Hatha yogi — work as a nostril should be controlled fingers;
  • Kriya-yoga — work as a nostril is controlled mentally.

The first option is considered simpler and is suitable for people who only began to be engaged.

Whether you know? The yoga exists more than 5 thousand years. Scientists, after carrying out archeological excavations, claim that it practiced not only in India, but also in many ancient civilizations of South America.

About advantage of practice

Scientists found out that the considered respiratory practice positively influences a brain. Let's consider advantages of the equipment:

  • If regularly to carry out to Anuloma-Vily, then the brain is cleaned, health improves.
  • The considered respiratory practice helps to get rid of rheumatism, diseases of genital function, gout.
  • Pressure is normalized.
  • Practicing this equipment, it is possible to forget about such diseases as arthritis, a meteorizm, varicosity, sinusitis and diseases of muscles.
  • Anuloma-Viloma does thoughts positive, and the rage, concern, tension — disappear.
  • Headaches pass, and they are succeeded by a healthy sleep.
  • The amount of oxygen which comes to an organism increases.
  • Blood circulates better, blood clots in arteries disappear.
  • This practice reduces stress.
  • Anuloma-Viloma promotes a good kontsetration, patience, determination.
  • The metabolism improves that helps to lose excess weight.
  • Positively influences work of intestines.

Anuloma-Viloma brings a lot of benefit. Harm from similar practice can be only in case of the wrong performance. It can happen at haste and misunderstanding of the principles.

It is important! Before starting performance of respiratory practice, in the beginning it is necessary to read necessary literature on yoga.

How to be prepared?

Before beginning breathing exercises, it is necessary to be prepared. Anuloma-Viloma is recommended to be carried out in the morning or in 3 hours after meal.

Preparation of a body

The considered practice needs to be begun in a quiet state and joy, in advance having dumped tension. It is necessary to sit down in the correct position: beginners can cross legs, and the rest is recommended to accept a pose of perfection, diamond or a lotus. The body has to be direct, eyes are closed, and internal feelings need to be transferred to a point between eyebrows.

Breath cleaning

Before Anuloma-Viloma it is recommended to clean breath, having made about 3 deep breath and an exhalation.

We start practice

Let's consider technology of performance of exercise.

The first step

For a start it is necessary to sit down in a convenient position. And further it is necessary to do so:

  1. All body needs to be relaxed, at the same time the back should be held exactly.
  2. The left hand should be put on a knee, and right to lift to the head and to execute nasal gesture: tips of average and index fingers need to be established between eyebrows, it is necessary to bend big and anonymous fingers a little. So you will be able to cover the left nasal pass with a ring finger, and right — big.
  3. It is desirable to hold an elbow vertically, near a body or to press to it.
  4. The right nasal pass should be covered with a big finger.
  5. Further it is necessary to breathe the left nasal pass, watching breath and to feel how there passes air.
  6. It is so necessary to breathe not less than 5 minutes.
  7. Then as much it is necessary to breathe other nostril.

It is recommended to continue the first step 7 days, and then it is possible to pass to the second step.

The second step

Equipment of the second step:

  1. It is necessary to do the same actions, but it is necessary to increase duration of an exhalation twice.
  2. In the beginning it is recommended to breathe as earlier, but it is necessary to consider exhalations and breaths in thoughts. Each account lasts about 1 sec. For two minutes it is worth observing into what account you take a breath and on what — an exhalation.
  3. Then it is necessary to try to increase slowness of an exhalation. If the breath occurs into 3 accounts, duration of an exhalation has to be into 6 accounts if you inhale into 4 accounts, the exhalation has to be on 8 and so on. Not to cause damage to an organism, try that to you it was comfortable. Over time the organism will adapt also duration of breaths and exhalations will become more.
  4. It is necessary to do breath by the left nasal pass of 10 times, and then as much — right. It is possible to repeat once again, depending on free time. But the quantity of dykhaniye through one and other nasal pass has to be identical.
  5. During practice it is impossible to distract. If it occurred, then it is necessary to return to feelings of breath and the account at once.

Whether you know? Yogis proved that many diseases at people arise because of illiterate breath. Pranayama help to get rid of problems with health if it is correct to observe the equipment.

Breath levels in practice

Anuloma-Viloma's levels:

  • the breath — 12 seconds, a breath delay — 48 seconds, an exhalation — 24 seconds is a minimum level. The organism ceases to hurt;
  • the breath — 13 seconds, a delay — 52 seconds, exhaled — 26 seconds — the organism ceases to grow old;
  • the breath — 15 seconds, a delay — 60 seconds, exhaled — 30 seconds — the organism looks younger;
  • the breath — 20 seconds, a delay — 80 seconds, exhaled — 40 seconds — the organism jumps up during practice;
  • the breath — 24 seconds, a delay — 96 seconds, exhaled — 48 seconds — the average level. The organism begins to levitate during practice;
  • the breath — 36 seconds, a delay — 144 seconds, exhaled — 72 seconds — the highest level. Satya Sai Baba, Gautama Buddha's level.

If you decided to be engaged in respiratory practice, then it is necessary to treat it seriously, and then the positive result is guaranteed to you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team