As athletes pump up shoulders

As athletes pump up shoulders

The training of shoulders is quite often held together with it groups of muscles as the back or bicepses. For the maximum development it is necessary to take out study of shoulders in separate training day and to make it so intensive as far as it is possible.


1. Begin the training of shoulders with easy warm-up. Get up directly in front of the mirror then execute swing movements "mill" both hands in turn, gradually accelerating, within two-three minutes.

2. Use raising of dumbbells before yourself. Pick up two dumbbells of average weight and get up in front of the mirror directly. Lift dumbbells before yourself to the level of eyes, slightly bending hands in elbows if it is necessary. The more slowly you perform this exercise, the quicker you receive increase in muscle bulk.

3. Make raising of dumbbells through the parties. Get up on slightly bent legs and slightly bend forward. Abrupt swing movement lift dumbbells through the parties to level plechy then lower them, without concerning in the final point of hips. It is necessary to keep shoulders in the condition of tension all the time. In case performance of exercise on straight arms is difficult to you, slightly bend them in elbows.

4. Use the same stance, as in last exercise. Bend forward slightly more deeply that the corner between the line of the case and the floor made from hundred to hundred ten degrees. Carry out distributing of dumbbells through the parties, this time bringing them for the back as it is possible further.

5. You pass to the post. Put it on shoulders then lift up, having straightened hands, and slowly lower it for the neck before contact of the nape. Don't lower it on shoulders, your deltas have to be in tension all the time. For decrease in load of the back during performance of this exercise use of the gymnastic belt is optimum.

6. Finalize the training raising of dumbbells over yourself. For this purpose you sit down on the equal bench and put dumbbells on shoulders. Slowly lift apparatuses over yourself, controlling their movement on all site of the way. Remember that during performance of this exercise your back has to be ideally direct.

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